Ashlin McHale

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“I-I've always been scared of everything; but my dad, he was the strongest and bravest man I knew.”

Ashlin McHale
Also Known As... {{{aka}}}
First Appearance An Irish Girl's Wish Pt. 1: Memorial To The Fallen
Organization Fourth Officio
Rank Eversor
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Super strength and striking power
Weapon Gauntlets
Height 155cm
Date of Birth May 30th (17 years old at time of writeup)

Character Summary[edit]

Ashlin is an Eversor of the Fourth Officio. Brought in due to circumstance, she's primarily been ignored due to her disability. Few know about her and even less actually care.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Short, flared up black hair, emerald eyes, small frame, except for her hips.
  • Fairly short, sitting at an astounding 155 cm. Her armors sabaton give her an extra inch in her transformed state.
  • Costume consists of a black leather leotard, and a breastplate and plackart, gauntlets, greaves and sabaton, all silver-blue. A same color metal 'belt' wraps around her waist, with a feathery pinkish skirt. A set of large, silver loop earrings sit in her ears, all for show.


  • Quiet, melancholy most of the time. Has rare bouts of cheerfulness.
  • Easy to upset, to the point of tears. Extremely rare to show any kind of anger or hatred. Seems to hold it back.
  • Tries to be friendly with everyone she meets, even if they don't treat her the same way.

Character History[edit]

Born and raised in Ireland, Ashlin had a simple yet rough childhood; family wasn't all that rich, but weren't exactly poor until her father died when she was six years old. Her mother did her best to raise Ashlin, and the two managed to survive after moving to Canada with some relatives. Ashlin's school years were filled with hardships as well, always being bullied and pushed around, never fighting back.

She contracted with the 17th shortly after she turned 16, around 4 months before Walpurgisnacht. Her wish was 'to be as strong and brave as my father'. It backfired though, as it caused her body to be in constant pain. Her body was unable to handle the benefits of her wish and her muscles and bones are under strain and tearing. Simply walking and moving was excruciating.

With Walpurgis looming overhead, the higherups decided to send her to the Fourth as a potential candidate, for 2 reasons; 1). it was Ashlin's request, as she felt the Fourth could help augment her body and 2). they couldn't be worrying about her with Walpurgisnacht coming. So, a month before, Ashlin was sent to the Fourth to hopefully be fixed up enough to finally be useful.


  • Ashlin is not based on any known character.
  • Her armor, sans gauntlets and leggings, are based off of Lightning's armor from FFXIII-2: Requiem of the Goddess. Her gauntlets and leggins are based on the Beowulf weapon set from Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.
  • Ashlin underwent a process on the Olympia called 'skeletal petrification', making her skeleton extremely durable and capable of handling a lot more damage and pressure than normal.
  • It's barely noticeable, but she has a very slight Irish accent, from before she moved to Canada.