Yuu Kotarou

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"Thank you for choosing me."

Yuu Kotarou
Also Known As... Strength
First Appearance Thread 67
Organization Seventh Officio
Occupation Soul in a weapon
Ability Hand to Hand Combat, Self Healing
Weapon Ogre Arms (Golden Gauntlets)
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Yuu Kotarou is the soul inside the golden gauntlets. She used to be one of the Blessed Lady's chosen until her eventual defeat in combat. Of all golden weapons, she is the one with the best relationship to Chiaki Matsuda, providing her with power while she uses the gauntlets.

Physical Description[edit]

  • A short tanned girl with white hair and completely black eyes with fiery orange pupils.
  • She wears a black leather jacket with a hood and high collar covering her face, her legs are clad in thigh high white stockings and black maryjanes


  • Yuu is a timid girl.
  • She greatly enjoys fighting, switching to a rougher personality in the heat of combat.
  • She is eager to prove herself useful to her wielder.

Character History[edit]

Yuu used to live in an orphanage until her master took her under his wing. At some point, she made a contract with an incubator. Her wish was “to be strong”. She traveled the whole world in search of strong opponents for her training and won almost all of her fights.

After acquiring the Ogre Arms, she kept it as a last resort attack, but eventually found herself using it exclusively even if they were not needed. The desire to challenge everyone, to pound their faces in and to prove that she was the strongest grew, even if she had to do it on a mountain of corpses.

She once fought a girl from the First Officio and almost died in the process, she only survived by throwing a punch strong enough to send her opponent flying straight to the moon, shattering one of her gauntlets in the process.


Chiaki trains with Kharn and decides to use the golden gauntlets. She somehow enters Yuu’s mind, who thanks her for being chosen and lends her new master her strength to beat her opponent. She heals Chiaki's wounds and mentions her auto-cannons, but accepts her master's decision to stop fighting and retreats.


Back in Japan, Chiaki talks to Yuu inside her mind. They talk about Yuu's past as a magical girl, the contract that freed her from the hospital and how her Incubator was more interested in her continued growth than hunting witches. Yuu traveled the world to train herself, fighting many magical girls all over until Lance Kilgore cheated in a duel, shooting the magical girl before she even started moving.


At the concert, Yuu informs Chiaki that she senses somebody she once fought in the area. She can't remember the name or pinpoint the exact location, but is sure that her former opponent is not looking for trouble.

During Chiaki's fight with Lucius, Yuu lends her power to the Warmaster, unleashing the full power of the Ogre Arms with her brutally efficient fighting style.


  • Yuu is a direct port of Yuu/Strength from Black Rock Shooter, the only difference is being a magical girl in this setting.
  • Yuu can feel when somebody she fought before is around.
  • The Black Templars of the Second tried to recruit her after Yuu defeated one of them in a sparring match, but she declined to continue her training.
  • Her teacher is an old man with a white beard who carries a turtle shell on his back and wears aviators.
  • Yuu's fighting style is surprisingly brutal and blood thirsty for a soft spoken girl like her.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Kotarou Yuu
	"I’m sorry...Here, let me help you up.”
OFFICIO: Seventh, in…wherever they want to be
RANK: Wandering Wuxia
BIO: Known as The Ogre in magical girl circles, Kotarou Yuu was a legend in her own right – she’d wander the world trying to improve her punch-fu, challenging and defeating magical girls left and right. Eventually they turned it into a game, though she might never have realized – the Sixth and Eighth especially competed to see who could last the longest against The Ogre before going down. Her win record was impeccable up until her unfortunate death at the hands of Lance Kilgore a few years ago.
ABILITY: Punching, though she can set her fists on fire, because that’s totally not excessive or anything.
WEAPONRY: Fists, though she eventually acquired some kind of magic superfists.
	SPEED		 C, A in bursts

-She used to have a really adorable attitude, and she’d tend to her opponents after she beat them, shyly asking them for bus fare or enough money for lunch. Most reports say she turned into a real jerk toward the end of her career, though, and all that mattered to her was finding someone stronger.

-Yuu makes most of her money by collecting and picking up trash, then recycling it. It improves the environment AND makes people’s lives better! Makes you feel like kind of a jerk, huh?	

-Poor kid misses her master terribly, some old man on a tiny little island out in the ocean. He passed away shortly after she left on her journey, and she never got to learn his ultimate technique.


Art by Deculture[edit]