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There is much work to be done.

Taking suggestions on Main Page Picture and Wiki Logo (Top Left) Picture[edit]

Fill in down here

How about "The Murderface Experience!"? We can always scale it down more if needed.


Think the Wiki Logo is fine, but I'd like the one with actual typeface instead. As for the main page, well... We'll see? I'd like something by Decu on the front page, but choices are a bit limited without repeating the upper left icon.


Edit, as of 7/5/2022 Ratman: Little do you know, it is meant to foreshadow the coming arc; since Vintage is thought to have died in the space station, and Sayaka now realizes there is no way out. I vaguely remember Decu remembering some guy pestering him constantly about finishing MGNQ. Hope you're not that guy! It would be really sad if you were that guy!

Anyway, I don't really think that anything more needs to be written. The ending wraps up the story thematically and whatever happens afterwards can go one way or another, but it doesn't really feel like a story that needs to be told. Who wants superheroes, gods and god-powered protagonists in noir, anyway? For the purposes of MGNW I'd like to know a lot more worldbuilding stuff (what does the Church of the Golden Land even DO) but I also don't want Decu to set too much in stone in case he does actually feel like writing Magical Girl Noir Quest After 20 Years.

Oh yeah, I'll rewrite and finish [[1] too. Trust. The stuff to be fixed in the system doc is largely aesthetic and then it will be ready for release, I was already about to playtest it in January with the cabal but then I got caught in the academic vortex.

Do not lose hope! But I think you'd better find something more meaningful to direct your emotional energies towards than socially volatile roleplaying narratives with lesbian undertones set in overly referential kitchen sink settings!