Kumatora Ishikawa

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"Seniority demands respect, and I don't know anyone else who deserves it more, Murderface-sempai!"

Kumatora Ishikawa
Also Known As... -
First Appearance Thread 11
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Eversor Neophyte
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability ?
Weapon ?
Height ?
Date of Birth Unknown (currently about 16-17)

Character Summary[edit]

A low ranking magical girl that was trained by Chiaki Matsuda whom she reveres. She fights mainly with punches and kicks and learned how to fight dirty during her time with Murderface.

Physical Description[edit]

  • A japanese girl with crimson eyes and long black hair tied into twintails.
  • Her costume looks like a black schoolgirl uniform.
  • Her soul gem is a crimson orb fit into a bulky metal belt buckle.


  • Kumatora is serious and most of the time rather tense.
  • She places great emphasis on seniority.
  • She is eager to prove herself and gets into work with a lot of enthusiasm.

Character History[edit]

Recuperation & Maid to Kill[edit]

Kumatora Ishikawa first appears as a guard to the Ninth Officios silent room when Chiaki Matsuda interrogates Midori Hanegawa. She shows great respect for her senior and former trainer, insisting on saluting and adding honirifics. Her reverie for Chiaki goes as far as not believing she would tear the prisoner apart when Kyubey told her to call housekeeping to clean the silent room. Although this time around, she really didn't.

During the events at the gala, where Chiaki is assigned as a bodyguard, Kumatora arrives with a squad of five Eversors as part of the reinforcements that were called when Lance Kilgore started a blood bath inside the mansion. But by the time they arrive, the fight is already over.

Return & Warmaster[edit]

The new Warmaster requests Kumatora's aid in sorting out her new office. She finds the old Warmaster's hidden trophy collection and is tasked with cataloging and packing the laminated panties to have them sent to Kharn in Siberia.

Afterwards she serves as the Warmaster's chauffeur, first taking her to a date, then to a bar where Chiaki unexpectedly receives a package. She disappears, returning soon after with blood on her costume and orders to return to the Officio. After a discussion with the Incubator, Chiaki has Kumatora drive her home and invites the Eversor to join the housewarming party.

The next morning, Kumatora drives Chiaki and Sayaka from the Officio to the hotel where their mission of protecting Ruri Kirishima begins.


  • Kumatora's design is based on Black Rock Shooter. Her fighting style combines Black Rock Shooter and Kamen Rider Black.
  • Kumatora calls Chiaki Murderface-senpai.
  • She salutes a lot.
  • Kumatora was originally an NPC from a game Deculture once ran. She was a cyborg magical girl and captain to the PCs' squad.