Haruka Amane

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Haruka Amane
Gaiden - Haruka sketch resize.png
Also Known As...
First Appearance
Organization Ninth Officio, formerly Third Officio
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Precognition, Seeing
Date of Birth

Character Summary

She is a pre-cog magical girl with a mysterious air to her. She is also the twin sister of Hazuki Amane, the Warmaster of the First Officio Assassinorum.

Physical Description


  • Haruka is a believer of the Blessed Lady.
  • She believes that intentions matter more than actions themselves.

Character History


On the day of Walpurgisnacht, Yuma visits Haruka in her silent room. The Culexus cries into her friends shoulder and confesses the sin she committed, desperate to find peace with herself. Haruka tells her that she did the right thing under the circumstances and assures that she will always accept her.

After the events of Walpurgisnacht, Haruka tries to invite Yuma to have tea with her, but the Culexus locks herself into her room and completely ignores everyone for a long time.


  • Haruka is from a side story written by Nicehatguy on Beast's Lair, and some of the answers are in that. It is currently not completed: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3313-Magical-Girl-Noir-Quest-Gaiden-Forgotten-Story?
  • She is the sister of Hazuki.
  • Hazuki is Haruka's heroine of sorts, and while she was envious in the past of the heights her sister achieved, she's very proud of her. She's still waiting for when Hazuki “rescues” her from her self-imposed imprisonment at the Ninth.

NECO Profile

NAME: Amane Haruka
	"*Omegon*-san? What day is it? Is she coming today? Am I going to die today? But it can't be today... the tea isn't ready yet."
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Vanus, Prognosticatrix (that is so fun to write)
BIO: A seer formerly with the Third, the sole survivor of a group that got wiped out by one magical girl on one bloody night a few years ago. It’d be kind of romantic, if it weren’t so traumatic. (Traomantic?) She’s been holed up in a Silent Room ever since then, patiently awaiting her own demise.*
WEAPONRY: Mirrors, but she doesn’t really do weapons.

- Apparently she scares easily and can’t stand ghost stories. That seems pretty weird for a magical girl, but maybe that’s just what seeing into the future does to you…

- On the other hand, she really really likes Western fairy tales, and black tea. Or she just hates green tea…? It’s really hard to get info on people like her, but there was definitely something about tea.

- She and Omegon have a pretty close relationship. When you’re only allowed to see like, one person, then that person becomes the world to you, right?

*that sounded pretty dramatic, right?