Enyo Karasawa

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"If you are ever in need of help, Miss, then I, Karasawa Enyo, will come to your aid just as quickly as you did to mine."

Enyo Karasawa
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 149
Organization Second Officio
Rank Black Templar Marshal, Blessed Lady's Champion
Occupation Magical Girl
Weapon Sword, Mechanical arm with chainsaw attachment
Date of Birth

Character Summary

Physical Description

  • A girl with a black bob cut.
  • Her right arm is mechanical, deliberately oversized and intimidating.


  • Enyo keeps up a formal, polite face at all times.
  • Even with that, she is a cheerful girl who cares for her friends and family.

Character History

Enyo Karasawa is the second child in a family of four daughters, a branch family of the famous Karasawa line. Her parents and siblings are unhappy with her choice of enlisting in the Second Officio, much less about joining the Black Templars. While she is disowned, she still loves her family and worries about her sisters.

She lost her right arm in an accident that made it impossible to recover, even with magic. It was replaced with a mechanical one afterward.

Malal Flashback

In response to a challenge, Enyo heads to Varrigan City where she is attacked by a local biker gang. Malal saves her just as her own bike explodes and takes her along for a bit. They have a friendly conversation, get to know each other and part ways again. Later Enyo fights Nicole Touchdown in the Blood God's Arena.


Enyo and High Marshal Raleigh Alondight meet Malal in the assembly hall and are soon joined by Yuma. After introductions, the Marshals head outside to gather their troops.

Back inside, they witness Yuma telling her Rank Leader about something she did, who starts to punch her hard until the a group of Templars pulls them apart. Malal claims that Yuma doomed them all and departs to try and fix whatever she can.

On the way to the facility, Alondight tries to cheer Yuma up. The Culexus gives her a vague explanation of her circumstances, but Alondight refuses to accept it as a reason to give up, claiming that they she will not pity Yuma and that they will carve their own fate. Realizing that there is still something she can do, Yuma's fighting spirit is relighted. Satisfied, the Black Templar hands her a badge and declares Yuma to be this missions Emperor's Chosen, an important role for the Templars.

Inside the teleportation facility, the Culexus rank is preparing. Cavefish greets the new arrivals and leads Yuma to the armory. Meanwhile, the Templars stare at one in particular and Raleigh explains that one girl, Sayaka, looks just like the First Knight they worship. She claims it as a sign of good fortune and victory.

The troops gather in the center of the room and wait for the transport to commence. At their arrival, they realize that they were scattered across a battlefield. During the two hour fight, many are killed by the daemons. Eventually Yuma contacts Alondight, who leads the remaining forces to her position and explains her plan to turn the tide.

They will exploit Kharn's desire for battle by distracting her with a frontal assault while another Templar, Mordred Pendragon, will sneak up behind her under the cover of Culexus magic and launch her powerful Sword of Promised Victory to defeat the witch.

Mordred blames Yuma for their situation and tries to attack her, but Cavefish lifts her up and gives the rude Templar a thorough spanking, which the other Templars agree to as a discipline measure they should have thought of themselves. Before they head out, Enyo asks Yuma to deliver a message to Alondight in case she does not survive to do it herself.

As one of Kharn's daemons attacks, the Templars begin their fight and Yuma, Cavefish and Mordred head towards their designated position. Eventually, they begin their assault on Kharn, but can't defeat her. Kharn turns toward Mordred's group and attacks, but is stopped by Cavefish and Yuma by shields and powerful anti-magic.

They fall however and Mordred turns tail, only the appearance of Malal, armed with a powerful magical bow, brings the Warmaster's witch down and miraculously transforming her back into human form.

The surviving Black Templars search the area and find Cavefish dead, but Yuma is still alive. Enyo tells her about the final moments of the battle and how they found her friend's corpse already turned to ash. She apologizes for Mordred's betrayal and offers her blade as a sign of debt with the promise to never rest until the Templars have redeemed themselves.


Neco Profile

NAME: Karasawa Enyo
	"…What do you wish of me?”
OFFICIO: Second, in the United Kingdom
RANK: Knight of the Black Templars, Blessed Lady’s Champion
BIO: A former motorcycle punk scouted for the Black Templars of the Second, Karasawa Enyo is an honorable girl that abides by her own strong set of principles. She’s a natural fit for the Black Templars, mixing a sort of eerie brutality with a totally rigid and occasionally incomprehensible moral code. She’s also a pretty skilled mechanic, and does her own bike and…arm…maintenance. That has to hurt, or something. 
WEAPONRY: A heavy-duty chainsaw arm.
	MELEE 		 A+

-Enyo is the second of five children, younger than Vintage but older than Enishi, Noriko, and Ryota. She only gets along with Noriko, though…The rest won’t even talk about her.

-Apparently she’s developed a friendly rivalry with another Templar that enlisted at around the same time, Raleigh Alondight, the Chariot of the First Knight. Who comes up with these titles…?

-She still has some heavy tattooing from her gang days. That’s pretty popular in magical girl crowds…I guess there just aren’t any any more Pr*tty C*res out there.