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Furthermore, nothing about the Twelfth Officio is canon so far, at all.

"A Witch who only wishes to rest, with a tired nature. But, as the storm moves with her, she cannot escape the ruckus.

So, she destroys all resting places out of spite. Maybe she should have just sat down in the rain."

Barbara w2.jpeg
Also Known As...
First Appearance Riddle of Witch Flesh
Type Witch of Retribution
Nature Tired
Familiar Hassan
Rank Beta
Weapon Familiars wielded as weapons, lightning
Date of Birth more than 6 years ago


A Witch of a former Warmaster. Considering the 12th's context, this doesn't actually mean much.

While she is no city destroyer, it's still a highly dangerous Witch, apt in combat, one that not even a professional hunter could take lightly. According to her file, she has been fought seven times before finally being purged, and had slain at least fourteen Magical Girls over the years. She is the kind of a Witch that requires a Rank Leader, or a squad of competent Witch hunters, ideally both.

She feeds on humans regularly, and is easily found by following the trail of splinters through her Barrier - she spends time smashing its contents. Upon closer inspection of her themes, killing her seems almost like an act of mercy, but that doesn't mean she'd sell her skin cheap.


  • Barbara is vaguely humanoid, with a body made of fabric (fused into her Barrier), with very clearly defined, lanky human arms sticking out of the Hijab that represents her head. She has somewhat expressive eyes under it, but no other visible facial features.
  • Her Barrier "looks like a man's cave". It's a labyrinth of fabric, kind of like rooftop full of drying bedsheets stretching into the sky. The floor is covered in a chaotic parquet pattern with small hills and pits in it. The Barrier is full of furniture, often of silly sizes - mainly sitting items like chairs and sofas, though there are also beds. The Barrier's center moves with Barbara, and consists of an opening in the ceiling, from which it perpetually rains.
  • Her Familiars are swords hanging on the fabric of the ceiling. While they are swords of different types, they all have a basket or at least full guard. Severing them from the ceiling renders them immobile, but the sword has to be broken for them to die and fade away. They hide behind the furniture and the "walls" of the Barrier, and have a knack for surprise backstabs.
  • In combat, she wields one Hassan in each hand. She can make lightning strike from the sky, that is not made of Witch Magic, but is actually the proper physical phenomenon of a lightning bolt (making it hilariously more dangerous). This suggests her Barrier may be open or linked to the real world in some way - while she fought Jarmila, it didn't rain outside, though, only in the Barrier.


Riddle of Witch Flesh[edit]

Barbara is hunted in Part 3, by Jarmila Holá, and the Vincidcare Squad Libra. She also manages to kill one of the thirteen girls in the process.

Jarmila mentions that she was the Warmaster since before her time, which would mean she had Witched out more than five years ago.


  • A pretty clear reference to Saint Barbara, the most metal saint.
  • When she was a Magical Girl, her name was Agnieszka, suggestng she was Polish. This makes her Arabic theme a bit odd.
  • Her Familiar, Hassan, has a card of his own: "An image of a honorable gentleman, holding seat for a lady. Only really useful in time of peace. In the end, he always only thinks of himself. They are strong when they fight in her name, but limp in Barbara's pressing presence."
  • Not to be confused with Barbara Falko