The Wheels of Fate Are Turning

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A full moon shone high over the quiet streets of Cairo, Egypt, lighting the way for a lone cloaked figure. Moving swiftly past dimly lit homes, it turned a corner, their destination quickly approaching. Straight ahead was a mansion, weathered from the passage of time, a squeaky iron gate serving as the only entrance to the mansion's decrepit courtyard and the mansion proper.

"Goddamn, why do these guys have to hole up in a creepy ass place like this?" The digitalized voice cut through the night air, making the figure shiver. "Why does the Lady always choose the crazy ones?"

The cloaked figure slowly approached the creaking gate, pushing it open gently, before making determined steps towards the mansion's front door. A few harsh raps on the entrance echoed over the dead courtyard before the solid oaken doors opened. The figure stepped into the dark room, the doors closing behind them with a soft click. The figure threw the hood off the cloak, revealing a blue painted metallic head, piercing blue LED eyes giving the dark room an eerie contrast.

"Orisa, Oriha, where the hell are you? I don't have much time, so if we can get this-"

Her words were cut short by a single light flashing on above, the bright orb illuminating the room, revealing a balcony below it with twin figures standing near the ledge. Both had charcoal black hair with short bangs, and an open top bustier with a miniskirt, one sporting a red and black motif while the other white and blue. The two girls simply stared down at the blue Ironform, smirks plastered on their faces.

The iron-made magical girl stared back, only to be given silence. "Whatever, be creepy fucking dolls. I have some information to pass on." She pulled a tablet from her cloak, tapping her metal fingers on it a few times, before letting out a distorted sigh. "We're getting the Heavy Ironforms back in the next two weeks. If things go like they plan, the monument will be complete within a few months, give or take. But if you keep attacking the base like you have, they'll never complete it."

Running her finger up the tablet, the Ironform continued reading. "It hasn't been made official, but the Amazon woman is gonna be taking that coward up into the mountains for training once the Heavies return. Probably for a few weeks." She glanced up at the twins, staring the red one in the eyes. "You know what that means, right?"

The red twin let out a soft chuckle, lazily closing her eyes. "That we need to kick things into high gear. Miss Dimuko even said it herself, that the Blessed Lady is getting impatient. What do you think we should do Orisa?"

The blue twin, Orisa, laid her chin in her hands as she leaned on the banister with her elbows. "Maybe little Leah here should leave our targets some breadcrumbs?" She chuckled to herself, a sharp, playful tone emanating from her lips. "Or is the Fourth as stupid as it is weak?"

Leah stomped a foot forward, letting the tablet clatter onto the wooden floor. "And if you neanderthals knew how to restrain yourselves, we would be further along! But noooooo, you had to resort to full fucking throttle against an EXTREMELY small force that's there to build a fucking statue!" She clenched her fists tightly, the sound of metal scraping metal grinding through the air, screaming at the twins, her voice seeping with malice. "If the Fourth knew about you, about us, we wouldn't stand a chance. Their full might is second only to the Second's frenzied crusade." Picking up and inspecting the now broken tablet, Leah closed her eyes, letting out an audible sigh. "So I suggest letting up a good bit unless you want wiped off the map."

Oriha stared down at the cloaked Ironform, a small frown growing on her face. "Though you clearly underestimate our might, I'll convince Miss Dimuko to abide by your request." She flicked her long black hair from her bare shoulder with a flick of her wrist, closing her eyes before continuing. "But know this, Leah Stroud, you attempt to fuck us over in order to save your own metal skin, we will know." In a flash of white-blue light, a silver rapier appeared in her left hand, pointed directly at the Ironform. "And we will not take too kindly to rats."

Leah let out the closest thing to a guffaw as her vox would let her, doubling over in a fit of laughter. "If I were to rat you out, I'd be put on the chopping block with you." With a whip of her arm, Leah pulled the hood back over her head, spinning around towards the door. "So don't worry your sweet little face. I'm not turning you in." She pulled open the large oak doors, moonlight glinting on what little exposed metal she had. "We don't have much time left to prepare, so as long as your end is taken care of, I'll make sure mine is too." As the door came to a close, Leah quickly turned to Orisa and Oriha, only to see darkness.

"Fucking creepy ass dolls, I swear."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A gentle rain hung over the monument compound, each drop covering Maria and Edea more and more as they stood guard. The dark skinned Eversor glanced over at her short, blonde half, a gleam of concern in her eyes. "You sure you're okay? I don't want you to be pushing yourself."

The golden eyed Edea turned to Maria, shaking her head. "I'm fine, hun. A little tired, but I'm fine. Standing isn't gonna make me witch out ya know." Edea leaned over, resting her drenched head onto Maria's shoulder. "Sometimes you worry too much."

"I have every right to worry, you're my girlfriend."

"'s been, what, two years now."

Sliding an arm around Edea, Maria pulled her into an awkward hug, pressing Edea's face against her voluptuous chest. "You know it's been the best two years of your life~." She chuckled as she rubbed her chin atop Edea's head before she loosened her grip, letting Edea escape her clutches with a gasp of breath. "Guess you're fine, if you can handle these in your state." Maria glanced down at her breasts, jiggling them and chuckling.

"Your tits may be magical, but please don't smother me with them. At least not in public." Edea let a giggle escape her lips as she leaned back onto the railing, staring up to the dull, cloudy sky. "So, what happened while I was out? Did Ash get chewed out?"

Maria stared off onto the wet field, trying to put her thoughts to words. "Yeah...Lyssa was furious with her. I thought she was gonna kill the poor girl." She closed her eyes, sighing. "I probably would have myself, if I didn't know any better."

"What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

"You almost died out there. All because Ashlin wouldn't put up a fight." The tall Eversor turned to Edea, her body becoming tense. "It took everything I had not to hurt her, but I didn't because I knew how you would've felt."

Edea sighed, shaking her head. "I know whatcha mean. I'd be livid if someone got you hurt, but in Ash's case...I can't blame her, given her track record."

"That's bullshit and you know it." Maria smacked her hand against the railing, causing Edea to stumble. "Being afraid is perfectly fine in conflicts, but you can't let it control you. That's how good magical girls die, because their partner froze or didn't react out of fear."

"What'd you expect from a girl who's combat record is two measly witch hunts, both of which ended with her getting pretty fucked up?!" Edea snarled, making the red head Eversor tense up. "I mean, if the only two fights you were in resulted in your shit kicked in, you'd be afraid of fighting too!"

Maria stood there, jaw clenched in frustration. "We were in the same situation! Hell, you lost and arm and a leg and you were still willing to fight back!"

"Oh my Goooooood, for someone as strong, brave, and intelligent as you Maria, you're not seeing the whole picture." Maria opened her mouth to speak, but Edea silenced her with the raise of a hand. "I had people to support me; you, our squad, Sayaka, Kyouko. A lot of the girls at the Ninth were there for me." Maria turned away, crestfallen. "And what does Ashlin have? We're not the most tight knit group, especially with Natalie acting like a right cunt."

Maria conceded, her argument soundly defeated. Edea was right, and she knew it deep down. "You're right I guess. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna be pissed."

"You still taking her to train once stuff gets moving again?"

"Yep. And don't worry, I won't take my anger out on her."

The two stood in an awkward silence, Maria sighing heavily, staring out onto the dull, grey sky. With a mental gulp, she turned to her pint sized partner as her pride faded. "I'm sorry for getting pissy for a sec. I just don't want to see the people I love and care for get hurt because of someone else's cowardice or stupidity."

The Amazoness magical girl flinched as a sharp pain erupted from her ribs. "That's whatcha get." Maria looked down, Edea staring at her coyly, a finger poised to strike again. "Apology accepted 'n all that. Just don't be too upset with Ashlin, okay?"

"I gotcha. Don't beat the poor girl to a pulp." Maria gave a gentle smirk to Edea, pulling her close. "Honestly? I think Ash could be a hell of a fighter. I could see it in her eyes, in the few times I've seen her get even close to serious." Maria turned downward, burying her head into Edea's golden yellow hair. "I just hope I can bring that out again, because I have a feeling things are gonna get worse from here on out."

"Yeah, well, let's hope you're wrong..."