Squad Hiryu

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Squad Hiryu
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 116
Rank Vindicare
Occupation Magical Girls
Date of Birth

Character History[edit]

Squad Hiryu consists of five members: Ayumu Kasuga, Tokiko, Kagura, Ayako and one other member. They are equipped and optimized for surveillance and marksmanship.

Kirishima & Concert[edit]

Warmaster Chiaki Matsuda requests backup for her mission to protect Ruri Kirishima. Vindicare squad Hiryu is chosen to patrol the area and to keep overwatch. They are sent alongside Callidus Rank Leader Enishi Karasawa, who assumes direct command over the squad whenever Chiaki has no direct orders. Other than security duty, Enishi makes them run small errands to curry favor with the Warmaster.

On the day of Ruri's concert, they keep watch over the stadium, but Ayumu is taken out by a surprise attack. Lucius takes her soul gem to blackmail Chiaki, but the Warmaster gets it back safely when she fights the hostile magical girl. During the encounter, squad Hiryu cooperates with the mundane security forces to apprehend the suicide bombers Lucius placed in the stadium.


  • Squad hiryu is based on Azumanga Daioh characters.
  • Faust expresses an interest in eating Ayumu's soul gem, stating that it is of a special kind.