Ryuko Tatsuki

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"Don't be such a dildo, it's just a flesh wound."

Ryuko Tatsuki
Also Known As... That crazy bitch, the Phoenix of the Ninth
First Appearance Trials of the Thrice-Cursed 0-1
Organization Ex-Ninth, currently Independant
Rank Eversor?, Monat
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability High-level Sorcery, High-level regeneration
Weapon Claws
Height 172cm
Date of Birth April 30th

Character Summary[edit]

A Magical Girl who once worked for the Ninth. After a freak encounter with a Witch she came back to reality finding every record of her existence gone and many changes to the world around her. She seeks to figure out what happened and to find again friends she lost.

Physical Description[edit]

  • She always wear regal kimonos of some sort, varying widely in colors and designs.
  • She has long ebon black hair reaching to the waist
  • Her eyes are black and her irises shift idly in colors, usually being some shade of purple or magenta.
  • Her hands and forearms are made of Fleshmetal.
  • Her Soul Gem is a dark shade of purple.


  • Ryuko tends to be very lenient, caring little about the things around her and joking light-heartedly. She has terrible humor.
  • She is reserved when it comes to her own past, only grudgingly giving information.
  • She deeply enjoys battles and challenges of all sorts, also treasuring all kinds of sensory experiences.
  • She is mentally unstable and can be set off in a number of ways by a number of stimuli

Character History[edit]

Ryuko has so far focused on adapting to the shifts in her surroundings and surviving. She has joined up with a handful of rogue Magical Girls led by a Callidus formerly from the Third Officio in an alliance of convenience of sorts.


  • Ryuko is not based or faceclaimed on an existing character from another story or media.


Art by Yomtoxic[edit]