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Furthermore, nothing about the Twelfth Officio is canon so far, at all.

"Witch of the depths, with a detached nature. She is looking for the best thing, and mercilessly destroying those that don't hold up to her standards.There are those that she had destroyed accidentally, since she's a ditz who shouldn't be allowed to touch anything, and then said they weren't that good anyway. In her own world, though, it's actually true."

Ratman - Perdita3.jpg
Also Known As...
First Appearance Riddle of Witch Flesh
Type Witch of Depths
Nature Detached
Familiar Sebastian
Rank Charlie
Weapon Scissor hands, spines
Date of Birth most likely, one year before main quest


[edit] Summary

Perdita is a good example of an average run-of-the-mill Witch, even though Umika calls her kind of strong.

There isn't really anything outstanding or relevant about her.

[edit] Description

  • She looks like a hedgehog with a woody body, and scissors for hands.
  • She wears a very cool cloak and a miner's helmet.
  • Her familiars are straw balls with dog-like features. They're relatively varied in appearance for such a weak Witch.
  • Her barrier is mine-themed, or looking a bit like a rabbit hole, with both roots and proper supports strengthening the walls. There are lots of valuables thrown around and stuck in the walls, like gems or expensive hand-watches. Closer to the Barrier's center, artworks start to appear, also in the form of music media such as CDs and vinyls.

[edit] History

[edit] Riddle of Witch Flesh

Perdita has been defeated by Umika Misaki and Panna Vászon in Part 2. If Panna is to be believed, she has been a "loose end", meaning a Witch of someone from the 12th Officio which escaped on the other side of the world.

Umika later theorizes that the girl was brought there and only Witched out moments before she had arrived, so that Panna could strike a conversation. This suggests the girl might have been someone from the Black Rose. This would also explain her being relatively powerful, as the girl might have used the Love Potion.

[edit] Trivia

  • Perdita is a popular female name, which means "lost one" in latin. One could argue it's a rather cruel name to give to your child. It was probably popularized by William Shakespeare's character in the Winter's Tale, which happens to be situated in Bohemia.
  • Her Familiar, Sebastian, has a card of his own: "A guard dog, her only friend. Also a playmate, in whose presence she can stop being serious. A Will-O-Wisp for others, but without his guiding light, she wouldn't be able to see anything. He's become kind of blinding, since her eyes got used to the underground."
  • She is a hipster joke, in case you didn't get it.

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