Omake: We Need A Hero

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"Heyyyy, Crunchy, what's up?"

"NAKAJIMAAAA! How did YOU get this number?"

"Magic. But that's not important, because Jade and I need your help!"

"What does my RIVAL need help with that she cannot do herself?"

"Well, remember how you trashed our place?"

"You mean how I DESTROYED your DEN OF SIN in our GLORIOUS...LY TERRIBLE BATTLE? Don't you EVER make me do that again!"

"Heehee, soooorrryyyy! Anyhoooo, now Jade and I have nowhere to go! We're stuck out on the street, cold and starving like that digging matchstick girl!"

"Somehow I find that VERY HARD to believe!"

"It's really true!"

"Supposing it is... This involves me -how-, exactly?"

"We need a place to stay, and we still have to keep an eye on you, so I figure we should kill two birds with one laser : We can stay where you're lodging!"

"...You canNOT be serious."

"Super duper serious! Jaaaade! Tell Crunchy how serious I am!"

"My sister is terribly serious. Please help us, Miss Crunch."

"Yeah, let us crash with you!"



"NO! I will NOT allow you to defile my sanctuary with your villainy!"

"Aww, that's not very heroic at all!"


"Please. You are our only hope, Miss Crunch."

"C'moooon, save us!"

"Grr... VERY WELL! I will extend to YOU, THE NAKAJIMAS, the use of my current residence!"

"Yaaay! Yay with me Jade, we're in!"


"BUT! If I catch you doing anything suspicious there, the Crunch Train is RUNNING YOU OUT!"

"Oh don't you worry about that. You won't catch us doing any such thing~!"

"...Good! See to it that you don't!"

"Alrighty! Thank you sooo much, Crunchy~."

"Yes, yes, now let me give you the address..."

"We already know where you live, we'll be there in five!"


"See you soon! Bye bye~."

  • BEEP*

"...I have a very bad feeling about this..."