Omake: We Can Rebuild Her

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"Why'd you have to go and put her head back?"

"It would be difficult for her to walk with her head stitched to her foot."

"Yeah, but that'd be funny!"

"It would also give away our involvement in the matter."

"Yyyyyeeeaaahhhh... But it'd totally be worth it!"

"I doubt that."

"Aw, barnacles, Jade, why're you taking her side lately?"

"I am doing no such thing."

"Yeah you are! You're even giving blood to her!"

"To accelerate her recovery. She needs to return to meditation by tonight, not sit as a corpse for a week."

"Well why can't she? It'll keep her quiet."

"If anything, you're the one acting strangely. I thought you liked her?"

"I'm just being friendly~."

"You found someone who is supposed to be indestructible, and didn't care if they died. Was somebody who could withstand an extraordinary amount of punishment not what you wanted?"

"Ehhhh, right now I'm trying to knock her off her high horses. I mean, her attitude just... Wow. I mean, geez, she even makes ME a little mad."

"Even so, Miss Cooldown made a request."

"Wellllll, Wendles said to 'watch her', and we watched her get blown to pieces, so we're doing great on that front!"

"That is almost certainly not what she meant."

"You know how Callidus aaare."

"...I suggest a different tactic."

"Does it involve blowing her up and putting her back together with a little screwball flag sticking out her-"



"You'll like it."

"I doubt iiit. But anywaaay, what boring, non-explodey idea do you have?"

"The outfit Miss Crunch came in was severely damaged and will need to be remade so as not to arouse suspicion."

"That's easy and not fuuun!"

"Furthermore, Miss Crunch has indicated that other than the negligee, she has no other clothes."


"I do believe we owe her at least this much for taking us in. Considering we also tried to poison her. Don't you agree, Sister?"

"...Hee hee hee..."