Omake: Prepare Yourself

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"Hi, Marina! Wasn't expecting to see you around the Officio."

"Eleanor... your lunch doesn't have any meat?"

"I don't really like meat."

"May want to keep that to yourself... some people here won't like hearing you say that."

"Dunno how anybody can stand it. 's really not got any taste."

"Consider giving it another try. You may simply have cooked it wrong."

"I'll think about it. You didn't come all this way just to criticize my lunch, right?"

"One other thing... get ready tonight."

"Ready for what?"

"For staying up late, and for live fire training."

"What, like... being set on fire?"

"Shot at. With guns."



"But... but... but... -how-?"


"How can I possibly be ready for fu- for being shot at? I just... how? It's... fuck... er, sorry. I'm just... that just really scares me."

"...I can give you some tips."

"There are tips?"


"...Are they even going to do any good?"


"...You sure?"


"...Please tell me, then."

"One condition."


"I'd like half of your dessert."

"...Hehehe... okay, it's a deal."