Omake: Not My Problem

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"Stupid rock girl."

"Spiritual Liege."

"Why you here?"

"I have a problem, it hangs around my neck like an accursed albatross."

"It about stupid noisy girl, right?"

"Yes, actually. And she has a name-"

"You not even use name for her. How beta is dumb rock girl that she can't call girl by name?"

"What do you mean 'beta'?"

"You not alpha dog, you beta bitch! Letting stupid devil girl take woman from you and pretending you okay with that."

"I don't recall ever speaking about this to you. Or anyone."

"It written all over face! Stupid rock girl acting like lovey dovey teenager when she should know better! Stupid rock girl should be ashamed!"

"My Spiritual Liege, her soul blazes like the hottest sun, shines like the moon in the depths of blackest night!"

"Sure, whatever. She crazy and dumb, you crazy and dumb. It match made in heaven. What you want Xiaomei to do about it? This your problem, not Xiaomei's problem! Stop being beta bitch girl who bother Xiaomei!"