Omake: Good Luck

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"Checkers Checkers Checkers!"

"Hey, kid, how was the party?"

"They had cake and ice cream! And I got an advance on my salary as 'motivation' or something. It's ten thousand dollars! That's more than I made in a year before, and now it's twice that much, every month!"

"Heh, I take it you had fun?"

"Y-yeah. Well, no..."


"It was nice, but it wasn't, y'know... Fun?"

"Well when you get back... Yeah, we'll do better than those sheepfuckers. We have Disneyland."

"I'd... Yeah, I'd like that."

"So, I heard you killed the shit out of your opponent?"


"You didn't like killing the shit out of your opponent?"

"It felt... Wrong. I don't like hurting people. E-even mean people like Milly."


"How do you go through with it?"

"Kid, you...You and I are different, I'll put it that way. ...Let me talk to Dorothy about it, she'd probably know more about it than me. I guess until I get back to you... Aim for the legs and joints, it's painful but it'll cripple anybody after you and it's nonlethal, and witches aren't people. That's a whole fucking forest of problems if you start thinking of witches as people."

"Y-yeah. I decided to hunt witches instead."

"Even after... Y'know?"

"Yeah. Really, I don't think I can do it..."

"Then what are you going to do?"

"I'm gonna try anyway. I, I want to help somehow. And witches need... Need help moving on, right?"

"...Well, shit, I don't know about that, but whatever floats your boat, Papers. Good luck with that, really."

"Thank you, Checkers."

"...Oh, one more thing."


"...Fuck, this is embarassing... Don't tell anyone about this or else..."

"I won't. What is it?"

"...H-h-happy Birthday to you, H-happy Birthday to you... H-happy Birthday, dear Eleanor... Happy Birthday to you..."