Omake: Everything is Terrible

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"How's everything?"

"Shit. You?"





"...Where were you last night?"

"Collapsed on the bed."

"Rough day?"

"Pirate fuckface chased me around the building and broke my stuff."


"Today some chick cracked my shin."

"This is why you shouldn't fuck around with Eversors, kid."

"They... fucked... first. So freaking mad."

"Heh! Yeah, that's how to do it. So did you brain 'em or anything for fuckin' with you?"

"I wrecked butterfly chick's skull furniture and dug up her gardens."

"...Passive-aggression's... a way to go."

"I threw pens at pirate fuckface yesterday. It... It didn't do anything."

"Yeah, she's... Yeah. Seen her scrap with a couple of people before, it's never worth it."

"You could have told me before she told me to punch her in the face. Fucking hurts."

"What were you gonna do, NOT punch her in the face? Sometimes you have to try, man."

"That's bullshit. Trying got my hands messed up. Trying sucks."

"...Yeah, okay, you got me. Trying sucks. But she'd probably make you do pushups or someshit if you didn't punch her."

"She made me do that anyway."



"...We'll get you out of there soon, Papers."


"Just keep the spiders out of your vagina until we figure something out."