Omake: Dressing Up

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"I fail to see why it is necessary for me to wear the cap."

"Well that's 'cuz you're dumb, Crunchy~."

"I am NOT DUMB!"

"Are too!"


"Are too times infinity!"

"The cap is important. It completes the outfit."

"The outfit isn't even DONE yet!"

"Well it's cuuuute~!"

"That... justifies NOTHING! You said you were making NORMAL clothes!"

"This totally counts as normal!"

"Embrace it. Resistance is futile."


"Loser does what the winner says!"

"I did NOT lose! It was a DRAW!"

"Whateverrr. Now hold still so I can get some accurate measurements, unless you wanna run around nakeeeeeed~."

"Grrr... This better be tastefully done..."

"Aaah, even your measurements are annoying! How'd a jerk like you end up with a brick house body?"

"You're pulling the tape too tight! TOO TIGHT! LET GO!"

"'Brick house' measurements confirmed. I shall proceed with the sewing if there are no further objections."

"I object to this treatment!"


"I should just hack off those fat things and preserve them in a jar!"


"Jade, get me the surgical saw! We're doing a chestectomy on our captive!"


"I am currently preoccupied with sewing the costume and recording this for posterity."

"Now hold on -just- a minute-"

"Stop talkingggg, Crunchy, you're annoyingggg! And distractingggg me from hackingggg off your-"


"Wha- Hey! Put me down!"

"I reFUSE to reLEASE you from my hold! You are nothing more than a FEATHERWEIGHT to me, Nakajimaaaa!"

"It's part of a healthy lifestyle."

"No. Not. You."


"Ha HA! Nothing clever to say about your -capture-, villain?"


"Ready to surrender?"

"Could you just... Stay like this for a while?"

"HAH, as I- huh?"

"Just hold me like this. Just for a little bit."

"Er... Uh... Like this?"

"Yeah. Like that."