Mine Yoshitaka

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"Ah. I see. A Magical Girl escort, Miss Kirishima? How very quaint. And very clever."

Mine Yoshitaka
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 107
Organization Tojo Group, Hakuho-kai President
Occupation Yakuza
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • Yoshitaka is a muscular man in his mid thirties.
  • Unlike most Yakuza, he lacks visible scars.


  • Yoshitaka has a smooth, oily voice.

Character History[edit]

Mine Yoshitaka was a medium level manager in his group until he contracted magical girl support from the Ninth Officio for a mission for the Inagawa-kai overboss and was promoted for his success. Despite a verbal agreement of continued cooperation, he never contracted the Ninth again. It is suspected that he works with the Tenth instead.

Looking for more legitimate revenues, the Tojo group created its own production company, attracting idols with highly lucrative deals. They would be popular for a while, but rumors have it that they are married off and disappear, later to be found dead.

Kirishima & Concert[edit]

Mine Yoshitaka and a group of his goons try to recruit Ruri Kirishima for the Tojo group. They occasionally hire magical girls from the Tenth, this time a Callidus to make their way past mundane security forces.

Ruri refuses their offer as she did before, and Chiaki Matsuda backs her up as a magical girl bodyguard, so the Yakuza leave the hotel without the idol.

At Ruri's concert, Yoshitaka and a group of corporate executives are among the audience, but try to hastily leave all of a sudden. Chiaki has them apprehended and interrogates them, rather violently in case of Mine. He explains that his contacts told him something would happen, but he does know any details. Chiaki knocks the struggling Yakuza out once she has no mre use for him, and some time alter his goons carry him out.