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"For once, I will take advantage of the Ninth's undercurrent lust for blood and skulls to save the world - from you and your Blessed Lady."

Also Known As... Beatrice Reinhardt
First Appearance Thread 131
Occupation Magical Girl
Weapon Greatsword, Pistols
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • Lucius has blonde hair and crimson eyes.
  • Her costume consists of a while camisole, gloves, black jacket, spats and metal capped boots. The belt buckle is shaped like a screaming demon skull.
  • Her main weapon is an oversized sword with a dragon's face etched into it, seemingly moving.
  • Lucius Soul gem is fixed on a collar around her neck.


  • Lucius has a smooth voice, but is prone to foul language.
  • She is extremely loyal to the Prophet and fiercely hates the Ninth Officio.
  • Lucius likes being theatrical and to hear herself talk.
  • She is the type to stop talking and ask questions when she thinks the one she is talking to stops paying attention.
  • She lives by the otto of never doing anything halfheartedly.

Character History[edit]


Lucius leads a group of magical girls that worship the Prophet. They infiltrate Mitakihara stadium during Ruri Kirishima's concert where Chiaki Matsuda is acting as the idol's bodyguard. They threaten to have several magical girls in the stadium detonate their soul gems for massive casualties if the Warmaster does not face Lucius in single combat. They also take the soul gem of one member of Chiaki's team for additional threats.

Chiaki meets Lucius demands and faces her on the stadium's baseball field, in front of the entire audience. Lucius claims moral superiority and a noble cause in defeating the corrupted Shield Maiden, but has two others join in her fight regardless. Her support does not change the outcome however, as Chiaki defeats all three of them with the golden Gauntlets.


  • Lucius is a fan of Ruri Kirishima, but accepts the possibility of killing her for her own cause. She takes comfort in the fact that great artists are truly appreciated when they are dead.
  • Her favorite song is Waltz of the Spider Lilies.
  • She is partially based on Dante from the Devil May Cry series.
  • Her real name is Beatrice Reinhardt.