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This article is a stub, due to the character not properly appearing in the story.

The second Incubator. Not much is known about them, except what can be inferred from their status as the second Incubator, their apparent mode of operation, and their name.

Whether profoundly, or as a way to sharpen their edge as Magical Girls, Hasmallim holds his contractees to a high moral standard.


  • Since Hashmallim's task on Earth is possibly of second greatest objective importance after the First, they could be assumed just a little bit more important than the other eighteen brothers.

Hashmallim is the Hebrew word for angelic beings, very oddly, used in plural. This has two possible implications:

  • Either it suggests an extremely polite, nigh royal or divine way of addressing the Incubator, which is a common way of speaking in Hebrew when one wants to be as courteous as possible. In that case, it would suggest that the Magical Girls might have great respect for the Incubator, or used to, in the past.
  • Alternatively, the Magical Girls of Second use the word because they consider the Incubator to be multiple different beings, or they simply use the word for all Incubators in general.