Half Meguca: Full Noir Consequences 2: What Has Tobe Done

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Half-Meguca: Full-noir Consequences 2: What Has Tobe Done

Chiaki Matsuda walked like speed of light back to her mig and left behind the bad place behind her. Chiaki Matsuda had to fly her mig really fast back to the officio but Chiaki Matsudas fuel ran out. Chiaki Matsuda jumped fast out of the mig and landed on big metal hands.

"Yuu Kotarou is now these hands... i must kill the walpergisnacht and live up to full-noir consequences!" Chiaki Matsuda muttered out loud.

Chiaki Matsuda picked up a desert eagle and aimed it at trees to see if she could. Chiaki Matsuda shot and tree fell down in front of her. Chiaki Matsuda seen that cat fall out of the tree and she crushed her in a handshake.

"That fucking cat doesnt have to see Tomoe Mami yet. its not time." Chiaki Matsuda said to her.

Chiaki Matsuda had to walked faster and was back at her officio work and on a computer. She looked on the internet and found the walspergsnight.

"I know its weakness now" Chiaki Matsuda said. And after that she got emails from someone. Chiaki Matsuda opened up the emails and read them.

"Dear Murderface, how are you? I miss you at officio come home safe and soon with Tomoe Mami and we'll get shitfaced. From kyoko." Chiaki Matsuda looked at it and got sad and groweled "I WILL KILL THE WALPSTERGNAGHT AND TOMOE MAMI WILL BE HAPPY SOUL GEM!" then she turned on off the computer and wet on the ladder again down to her other more faster mig that had fuel in it this time.

Chiaki Matsuda put the dessert eagle in her shield and her arrow gun and her rocket gun that she took from the jsdf. She went through sky and went fast like lit to back to Varrigan City and back to the dildos place where Tomoe Mami was. Chiaki Matsuda dropped out of sky and did a bombing run and returnd to clouds but kept going too.

Chiaki Matsuda went really fast again like before and was soon back again at Varrigan City but saw more rayth wichs. Chiaki Matsuda said to them "Rayth wichs i have killed your friends at the old house and i want to shoot your kneecaps. move near the countrysides and you will be ally of Chiaki Matsuda." The rayth wichs said "huehuehuehuehue" and floatd fast to Chiaki Matsudas mig. Chiaki Matsuda waited until they were in front of her mig and dropped out of cockpit and shot heads below and landed and walked fast to where the wallpapersnacht was.

"you will be one of us!" yelled the dead wichs. Chiaki Matsuda chuckld and shot a rocket at them.

Chiaki Matsuda saw the wellsfargognat far down the road and walked slow this time. She walked really slow like taro and sat behind a gantry and watched the wisperernit near the dead meguca and where the place that Tomoe Mami was. The whalepugilistrights was laughing at Chiaki Matsuda so Chiaki Matsuda said "FUCK YOU!" and shot a arrow at her since that was her weakness.

The cucumberlights died and Chiaki Matsuda was almost happy. Shee walked over to the dead bodies and put them in her sheild and knitted hats for them so instead of messy blood and brain there was wooly things there now to be pretty.

Chiaki Matsuda walked to where Tomoe Mami was lying dead and crushed from the esperantoplightss feet and looked down. A tear droped out of Chiaki Matsudas eye and landed on Tomoe Mami.

"You are dead mumi and i killed the evil wich." Chiaki Matsuda told Tomoe Mami

Then Chiaki Matsuda saw something bad. A wichs kiss was on Tomoe Mami! Tomoe Mami standed up and said "Chiaki Matsuda... you got here slow and now i am wichs familiar. i wont forgiv you..."

to be continued...?