Half Meguca: Full Noir Consequences: Cool Down

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Half-Meguca Full-noir Consequences: Cool Down

Chiaki Matsuda hairfliped out of the sky and landed besides Wendy Cooldown. Wendy Cooldown looked at Chiaki Matsuda in the eyes and sigh falled out and growl "Kong Midori is dead". Chiaki Matsuda went sad at the ground then moved head real fast up.

"INCUBATORS YOU KILL MIDORI?" Chiaki Matsuda said with growls.

"Yes Matsuda-san" the snake rabbit said after "Midori is kill" the snake rabbit said again.

"I loved Midori like comfy chair... DICKBUTTS YOU WILL SUFFAR!" Chiaki Matsuda ponted and grunted.

Chiaki Matsuda flyd in to sky with kicks and hit evil meguca and the evil megucas sool gem flyd off and Chiaki Matsuda seed ugly Dildo face but it looked like scared tooo. the evil meguca scrumbled back to Incubators and Incubators went to laser Chiaki Matsuda but Wendy Cooldown throwed gold degle for Chiaki Matsuda to shot them in faces.

"Wendy take megucas and leave the city its time I have to kill the enemys and make evil go away from here forrest of timeline!" Chiaki Matsuda said to Wendy Cooldown and megucas.

"Chiaki Matsuda we fight!" megucas said and didnt go no where.

"Kong stop try do evrything lone fuck!" Wendy Cooldown growld and didnt go no where neither.

Chiaki Matsuda was fraid for first time. She didnt want nothing to happen to Wendy Cooldown because Wendy Cooldown was Chiaki Matsuda saw Incubators start to run like dildos to meguca and Wendy Cooldown and saw Wendy Cooldown and megucas run like retard to Incubators. Chiaki Matsuda got quiet then dropped wepon and said "I have to kill fast and bullets too slow" and started killing Incubators with gold hands.

Chiaki Matsuda was killing Incubators and barking necks and megucas and Wendy Cooldown was behind shooting at Incubators at front. Now Incubators got scarred and ranned back to the evil meguca who was at the door to the big tower that was big onto the sun and went around the evil meguca and got redy to fight again. then the evil meguca pressed the button that made the big tower glow and smoke.

"Chiaki Matsuda you let walspergisnite step on me and made me wichs familiar. Incubators came and put magic in me and made me live and strong and big now I make you and Wendy Cooldown wiches. Prepair to die" Mami Tomoe said.

"Mami Tomoe you are my pancake godess and I killed welsfargoknigt. Incubators magic is bad and made you tricked mumi stop the button and glowing." Chiaki Matsuda growld.

"NO!" Mami Tomoe angered back.

Mami Tomoe ribbond to Chiaki Matsuda and hit her with rifle and Chiaki Matsuda tried to grabe it but couldnt so she punched Mami Tomoe instead. Chiaki Matsuda and Mami Tomoe was fighting for life and death when the Incubators and megucas started shoting each other again. Wendy Cooldown got in front of megucas and saw the tower smoke and glow more and more like litning clouds.

Wendy Cooldown growl "It will explod!" so Wendy Cooldown and the megucas shot bullets and lasers at Incubators so all meguca could press the botton and make it stop. Then Wendy Cooldown went to a Incubators car and shoot all the Incubators in it and went to the top and used the ternimator. Wendy Cooldown made the ternimator shoot Incubators and bullets cut them in two and half.

Wendy Cooldown kept shooting Incubators and the rest of megucas got closer and closer to button to stop it. The Incubators laser at the megucas and made some die but no one cared becaus they had to do it. Then Incubators started coming out of the hug tower to stop the megucas. There was too much Incubators and megucas couldnt go to the button no more and the tower was all smoke and glow now expect for a little bit.

Chiaki Matsuda knew it was too late and megucas couldnt stop button. Chiaki Matsuda had barley time but was still fighting Mami Tomoe.

"Mumi it is time Im sorry" Chiaki Matsuda growld to Mami Tomoe.

"time for you to die Chiaki Matsuda!" Mami Tomoe said back.

"No Mumi" Chiaki Matsuda said then kicked Mami Tomoe in teh neck that was wiches kiss.

The magic flew off Mami Tomoes neck and landed and blowed up in a boom and Mami Tomoe stood and fall. "Chiaki-san.." Mami Tomoe said so Chiaki Matsuda got closer to the ground like Mami Tomoe.

"Incubators made me tricked bro Im sorry" Mami Tomoe said.

"I know Mumi but you are hero" Chiaki Matsuda said back to comfart Mami.

"Save megucas and Wendy Cooldown" Mami Tomoe said quiet like pain and breathed slower and slower

Chiaki Matsuda had Mami Tomoe and saw eyes shut and the breath stoped but Mami Tomoe had smiles on face.

Chiaki Matsuda let go Mami Tomoe and went up back on her feet and loked her head around and saw pancakes and platypuses and megucas then looked at glowy tower and knew what has to be done. "New waifu and megucas get back!" Chiaki Matsuda said out real loud so Wendy Cooldown fell off ternimator and went with megucas back to Chiaki Matsuda and ducked lasers and magics.

"Waifu take megucas on motorcycle and leave city. Make megucas safe waifu and nothing happen to them." Chiaki Matsuda said to Wendy Cooldown.

"But kong I fight!" Wendy Cooldown growld. "Fuck off go with megucas" Chiaki Matsuda said so Wendy Cooldown and megucas went on motorcycle.

Wendy Cooldown started on motorcycl and started to go but slow becaus she didnt want to. the Incubators saw and said "STOP THE MEGUCAS!" and went charge at motorcycle.

Chiaki Matsuda walked to wards Incubators and made fists with gontlets. Chiaki Matsuda punchd and hit Incubators in front but all Incubators in back shot lasers and magics. a Magic hit Chiaki Matsuda but she got up and killed more Incubators then a Incubator went at Chiaki Matsudas back and stabed her but Chiaki Matsuda got nife out and stabbed Incubator in brane. Incubators got close and hit Chiaki Matsuda body with lasers but Chiaki Matsuda kicked Incubators back.

Chiaki Matsuda kept fighting Incubators and put head up to tower and saw it go brite and break then turned around in last second and saw motorcycle in far off safe place and was happy. Wendy Cooldown and the megucas in the motorcycle saw the tower go like millon stars and fire and loud noises then the megucas went down but Wendy Cooldown kept going and didnt say nothing.

After the world was nice and megucas had new city and happy because the Incubators was gone and nobody was slave or sad. President Wendy Cooldown and megucas and platypuses and earth had peace and in the middle of new city was a statue that said "Chiaki Matsuda Saver of Meguca"