Half Meguca: Burger Beggining

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Half-Meguca: Burger Beggining

In the future the world was dark and scarry. One day Incubators came and noone knew why. Incubators were cat things that werent cats with ugly faces and sometimes glowing eyes and slaved girls in the city

and made them angry and sad.Wendy Cooldown who was living in the city and with her warmaster said "the fuck is this" and she said "Wendy Cooldown Incubators are from science and outter space and hate murica."

Wendy Cooldown realy hated Incubators because they contracted every one and Wendy Cooldown hated it. "why are they being dildos to that girl!" Wendy Cooldown said to her warmaster. "Because she is humen Wendy Cooldown, and they are evil Incubators" Wendy Cooldowns warmaster said back.

"Hey you Incubators stop making her contract you dickbutts!" Wendy Cooldown growled loud at them. "I don't understand!" the Incubators said and aimed there ears at Wendy Cooldown's soul gim. "Incubators dont aim your ears!" yelled warmaster then the Incubators hurt her her and laughed "Dumb bich rolling on the ground" they said with their minds.

Wendy Cooldown grabed her warmasters hand and said "warmaster you were bugfuck crazy and the Incubators will pay." "Wendy Cooldown no get out of here fast as you can..." Wendy Cooldowns warmaster said and past out. Then Wendy Cooldown grabbed a wepon and stabbed the Incubators in the face and said "this is not over."

The people around Wendy Cooldown were cautiously optimistic and said "good job Vomit Girl we hate those Incubators!" Incubators made people fraid and when Wendy Cooldown killed them it gave them hop.

"Incubators we are not scarred no more!" said Wendy Cooldown and every one around Wendy Cooldown said "YEAH!" and grabbed assalt rifles and rocks. Wendy Cooldown and the people skulked fast like

rolls of fat and went towards to the Incubator tower that was big like the sky.

"Where do you meguca think you are going?" a big Incubator army with lots of robots said.

"To send you shitlords back to science and outter space!" Wendy Cooldown mumbled with mad "FUCK THEM UP!" Wendy Cooldown mumbled again.

The war was going and blowing things up when Wendy Cooldown saw a golden gun on the ground. "Incubators it is time to do what has to be done so I can read more mangas" Wendy Cooldown wispered with head down.

The Incubators were tortring megucas and steping on them with robots and people were shooting machin guns back and killing them sometimes. Explosions like 10 times of the sun went around Wendy Cooldown but Wendy Cooldown didnt care.

"These fuckers is losing and I need to help" Wendy Cooldown said. Then a big plamsa came down and melt a guys arm off and legs and head and killed other people too.

Wendy Cooldown saw the dead going on all around. The Incubators were to strong and dickish but Wendy Cooldown didnt care neither. Wendy Cooldown put the golden gun on and started to shoot robots and at buildings. The bildings fell and made dust and smoke and blinded Incubators so Wendy Cooldown culd use the golden gun to shoot them in their face really hard and make them dead.

The people were wining but then glowing things went in the sky and Incubators came out. "Wendy Cooldown we have to go out of here!" a meguca said to Wendy Cooldown. "No they are all every where!" another meguca said.

"You bitches is surrounded" the Incubator said.

Wendy Cooldown lookd around. Incubators with evil megucas were there. Wendy Cooldown knew if humens lost now it would be sad for ever.

"FUCK" Wendy Cooldown yelled.

People runned toward the Incubators to kill them and the Incubators were going to kill all the people in a second when a brite light came in teh sky. A shiny thing like the sun came from opend in the sky and a girl came out.

"Incubators leave my waifu alone" Chiaki Matsuda said.

to be continued...?