Ethelinda Joyce "Madge" Shine

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"Congratulations, kiddo, you murdered a person" Madge quips dully. "Aren't you proud of yourself?"

Ethelinda Joyce Shine
Madge dynamic.png
Also Known As... Madge, Her Majesty, Her Highness, Unseen Queen
First Appearance Magical Juggernaut Heather Crunch versus The New Blood
Organization Sixth Officio
Rank Callidus Rank Leader
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Illusions, Invisibility, Fear
Date of Birth June 24

Character Summary[edit]

Ethelinda, or 'Madge' as she is better known, is a mature and confident magical girl, and Callidus Rank Leader of the Sixth Officio. Her time is considered valuable, and she is annoyed when it is wasted. However, she knows how to unwind when off the clock, and isn't above using trickery while working.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Madge has shoulder-length black hair and red eyes.
  • She wears a vest, leaving her arms exposed, and has a half-cape attached to it.
  • Her arms are partly covered in tattoos.
  • On her left arm, Madge wears a coiled snake-shaped bangle.
  • She wears wrist cuffs on both arms.
  • Madge wears a skirt with a triangular trim at the edges, leaving her legs exposed.
  • She wears stylized boots.
  • She keeps her Soul Gem in a bow on her chest.


  • Madge is cold and blunt, though also polite.
  • She has a dry, snarky sense of humor.
  • For the most part, Madge takes her work, and her time spent working, very seriously, and is known for being bossy and giving orders.
  • That said, she has been shown to play pranks on others, even when on the clock.
  • Madge does not think highly of Eversors in general, and considers the majority of them to be idiots.
  • She is almost always smiling, even when upset.
  • When she talks, her speech style is usually semi-formal, though it depends on who she interacts with.
  • If she's especially angry, she starts hissing whenever she says a word with an 's' sound.

Character History (non-canon)[edit]

The Old Grind[edit]

Madge's first appearance is her mocking Heather and calling her out on being reckless. The two trade barbs until Heather says something that frustrates her with how ridiculous it is. She gets back at the Eversor Rank Leader by tricking her into walking into a hall closet. After having a laugh at Heather's expense, which is taken in stride, Madge leaves Heather to her own devices.

The New Grind[edit]

Madge proctors for Eleanor's Eversor trial in one of the training halls, giving every indication she doesn't want to be there. Eleanor's dawdling annoys her, and Madge constantly checks the time. After making the countdown, Eleanor and her opponent fight each other.

Upon the match's conclusion, Madge 'congratulates' Eleanor, and the girl starts sobbing. Madge tells Kai to focus on treating wounds, and talks with Eleanor. She finds Eleanor's motivations to be difficult to fit to the typical Eversor lifestyle, but compromises by convincing Eleanor to take up hunting witches instead of people. After Eleanor stops her to say thank you, Madge leaves the training hall. She is seen later that day at Eleanor's party, drinking bourbon out of a teacup. She introduces herself properly to Eleanor, but insists on being called 'Madge', and generally stays out of the way. Suzi talks with her about the party, and about Eleanor, both coming to the conclusion that it was to impress the people back at the Eighth Officio, and that Eleanor will have a very hard time of things. Madge doesn't dislike her, since she isn't a 'meathead' like most Eversors, but says she won't go out of her way to aid her. Madge then asks Suzi what she thought of Hesselius. After confirming Suzi doesn't want a serious relationship with that girl, Madge gets angry and starts speaking toward Suzi with a hiss. The heated discussion ends after Leman Russ calls them both over to celebrate.


  • Madge's design, personality, and abilities take inspiration from Houjuu Nue from Touhou Project.


Art by NiceHatGuy[edit]

Art by Dan Kim[edit]