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Eleanor Abbot Slam
Eleanor serious full.png
Also Known As... Crunchberry, Elly
First Appearance Magical Scribe Eleanor Slam
Organization Sixth Officio, formerly Eighth Officio
Rank Vanus
Occupation Magical Girl, Watch-Wearing Dildo
Ability Super paperwork filling, pen creation
Weapon Large fountain pen wielded as a spear
Height 149cm
Date of Birth Unknown (approximately 13-14 as of write-ups)

Character Summary[edit]

Eleanor's job is to fill out mountains of paperwork, aided by her magical ability. As this ability causes her to temporarily lose her memories, mental faculties, and control over her movement, it causes her a great deal of stress. She is extremely resentful of her lot in life.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Eleanor is petite, even for her age.
  • Her hair is a light lavender color, done up in drills.
  • Eye color is amber, and her eyes are usually somewhat dull and unfocused.
  • Her default expression is either a blank face or slight frown.


  • Normally, Eleanor is quiet and doesn't speak much. This doesn't extend to people she likes/trusts.
  • She is shown to be very bitter and depressed in general.
  • She can be very talkative... In her head.
  • She tends to swear excessively and use those words to nickname people she doesn't like.
  • Eleanor has a low opinion of herself and believes she deserves some of what happens to her, but still wishes for things to improve.

Character History (non-canon)[edit]

Heather shows up and makes Eleanor's life more difficult than it already is. Eleanor hates her.


  • Eleanor's appearance and name were lifted from Dlanor A. Knox, a character in the visual novel series Umineko no Naku Koro ni. The key differences in her appearance are her significantly shorter height, lack of key-shaped symbols, and that her power arm is on the other arm. Her boots are also much lower.
  • Her primary ability, a "paperwork trance", triggers upon viewing certain stimuli. If she's not transformed already, she does so, and fills out forms with great speed. These are all done according to the whims of the Incubator, and Eleanor usually doesn't understand any of what's on the pages, likening it to filling out homework with a "cheat sheet". The alien knowledge fills her head and forces out parts of her memory and consciousness during its duration, where she has absolutely no control over her body.
  • Her secondary ability is summoning pens. She has conjured a fountain pen that was large enough to be used as a spear.
  • Eleanor has shown a fondness for sweets and video games.
  • 'Slam' isn't her real last name. It's one she gave herself after her parents disowned her.
  • When Suzi was making suggestive comments, Eleanor declared that she '[didn't] swing that way'.
  • Her outfit looks enough like a breakfast cereal mascot that she was given the nickname 'Crunchberry'.


Art by deculture[edit]