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”Alright, Yuma-chan! From now on and forever, you're my Cat-ears!”

Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 198
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Culexus
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Culexus anti-magic
Weapon Customized Shotgun Mustakrakish
Height 213 cm
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • Cavefish has platinum blonde hair
  • She is incredibly huge and muscular.
  • Her helmet has the jaw of a shark attached.


  • Cavefish is a simple and honest person.
  • She is always in a bright mood and gets excited easily.
  • She is calm even in chaotic situations, which makes her a reliable squad leader.

Character History[edit]

During one of Girl A's violent episodes, she managed to beat Cavefish. When the Culexus simply laughed at it, she shot her legs off with a shotgun.


On the day of Walpurgisnacht, Cavefish excitedly goes to wake her fellow Culexus up for breakfast, but only her friend “Cat Ears” Yuma actually gets up and accompanies her. To distract themselves from the approaching end of the world, they joke around and discuss the need for witch cover stories until Yuma receives a call from Malal.

The Rank Leader has her run errands alone and orders Cavefish to initiate Protocol 8. When asked about it, she merely tells Yuma that it is an errand that needs to be done right away, then runs off.

Later, the Culexus Rank assembles in the Ninth Officio's teleportation facility and prepares for the mission. When Yuma arrives with the Black Templars, Cavefish greets them happily and leads her friend into the armory. Malal already predicted what she would chose, but Cavefish lets Yuma pick on her own regardless, pointing out that sometimes things turn out different than predicted.

Yuma informs her that she had an argument with Malal and that the Rank Leader will arrive later than scheduled. When pressed about Protocol 8, Cavefish tells Yuma that all Culexus packed their belongings into boxes to be sent to friends and family when they die.

Back in the main chamber, the Black Templars reverently watch one of the screens showing other deployment areas. One of the magical girls, Sayaka, looks just like the First Knight they worship, which is supposedly an omen of good fortune.

Shortly before their deployment, Cavefish worries about being unable to contact Malal. Yuma sends a pulsed message, which is answered a bit later by the warning that Kharn is gone, followed by the Rank leaders screams of pain and death that make the assembled Culexus cry out in shock. According to Malal's pleas for her to go, Yuma decides to continue the mission as planned and the teleportation commences.

The group arrives scattered about a hellish landscape where daemons kill many Templars and Culexus alike. Cavefish is one of the survivors and regroups with the Templar Marshals Raleigh Alondight and Enyo Karasawa, and eventually the other survivors.

The fight rages on for two hours until Yuma contacts Alondight. Happy to find her friend still alive, Cavefish and the others eventually find her location and explain the High Marshal's plan.

They will exploit Kharn's desire for battle by distracting her with a frontal assault while another Templar, Mordred Pendragon, will sneak up behind her under the cover of Culexus magic and launch her powerful Sword of Promised Victory to defeat the witch.

Mordred blames Yuma for their situation and tries to attack her, but Cavefish lifts her up and gives the rude Templar a thorough spanking, which the other Templars agree to as a discipline measure they should have thought of themselves.

As one of Kharn's daemons attacks, the Templars begin their fight and Yuma, Cavefish and Mordred head towards their designated position. On the way, Mordred explains that her sisters only spoke of glory and heroics, never of seeing their friends die like she did this day. Yuma explains that a small group sacrificing themselves for the survival of billions is rather heroic.

Mordred explains how her ability works and that she needs five minutes to charge it up in her current state, but will certainly kill anything she hits. Once at their destination, the group waits for Alondight's signal. Cavefish talks about how she knows they will not survive, but for once it is Yuma who cheers her up.

Soon, the Black Templars begin their assault and Mordred starts charging her attack and the Culexus pair release their limiters. They witness Kharn's witch easily hold her ground against the Templars and eventually turning around to face them instead. Yuma and Cavefish put up a shield to repel the attack and give Mordred the time she needs.

Cavefish quickly exhausts her powers and falls after the second attack. Grabbing her friend's boot, she weakly pulses an apology and a plea for help. In the end, she succumbs to her wounds and something draining the remaining magic from her.


  • Cavefish's Culexus powers are rather weak, but her physical strength and dexterity still make her a formidable fighter.
  • Her suit had to be hand made from scratch by Malal since the standard issue was way too small.