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The Three Stoges are the spirits of three (or 4) previous incarnations of Chiaki that reside or previously resided in the Desert Eagle. The world inside of the Eagle has each of them appearing in a mirror (if they feel like showing up), though they have been known to manifest outside of the weapon, or briefly take control of Chiaki. While they carry some resemblance to the fragments of Homura Midori encountered during the Barrier Arc on surface, only 'Murderface' seems to be quite the same. Dildoes and Murderface have left Chiaki and they kidnapped Braids on their way out. Following this Smartass made herself known.


Braids is named such because of the braided hair. She also notably wears glasses, just like Chiaki does.

She is very polite, and slightly socially awkard. She represents young Akemi Homura, though she's also much more experienced and skilled than her version in the Barrier Arc was. She is the most directly helpful of the Stooges, going as far as explaining Chiaki's powers to her whenever it's necessary.

It seems that Braids had an affair with her version of Sayaka at some point, and is very sensitive about the topic.


Dildoes has plain long hair which she likes to flick.

She is cold and profesional, comes across as a bit arrogant and scornful, and overall is the most serious of the Stooges. She makes a point of appearances. She most likely represents Akemi Homura in her prime.

Dildoes talks about Madoka and The Transcendent One the most, apparently seeing the situation at hand as a personal failure. At the same time, she notes that any incarnation, taking any path, would eventually do the same, if they were presented with such an opportunity.

It seems that Dildoes had an affair with her version of Kyouko at some point.


Murderface is a large behemoth of metal and Witch flesh, carrying a black sword, with ragged features and a barely visible face.

Murderface seems to be the Shattered Fragment from the Barrier arc. In her life, the procedure of turning Chiaki into a Maerorus made her go on a killing spree, killing at least the entirity of the Ninth Officio, and probably many more Magical Girls afterwards.

She only communicates through pulsing, in all caps, and doesn't talk very much. When she does, she is agressive, quick to become passionate, and obsessed with battle in quite the Khornate way.

Considering that this timeline is stated to be the last one, is extremely different from the previous ones, the shield is broken, and the circumastances in which Murderface is first met are quite suspicous, it's unknown whether Murderface has even a basis in reality, or merely personifies Chiaki's fears.

It seems that Murderface cares deeply for Midori.


She wears a hospital gown. She is good at detecting lies. Out of expediency she has given Chiaki this assistance without going through points BS.


  • The Three Stooges are largely a reference to the three past incarantions of Nameless One in the Fortress of Regrets.