Therese Witton

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"This is no longer Odette's officio, or Brie's for that matter. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say."

Therese Witton
Also Known As... Terry
First Appearance Prose Magica 3
Organization Seventeenth Officio
Rank Eversor, Ex-Warmaster
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Electricity and Storms
Weapon Warhammer
Height 168cm
Date of Birth (currently 18)

Character Summary[edit]

Therese Witton is the Warmaster of the Seventeenth Officio during the events of Prose Magica.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Therese has long, shaggy auburn hair.
  • Being a high-ranking Eversor, she is fit and athletic.
  • Her costume resembles a slightly armoured traditional magical girl's costume, with the addition of a bear skin cloak with a hood.
  • Therese's hammer bears a long steel chain reaching from the haft and coiling around her forearm.
  • She is very rarely seen outside of her Warmaster uniform.


  • Therese is noted for having an extremely short and violent temper.
  • She has been considered something of a meathead by her peers.
  • In recent chapters, Therese has shown ambition and a desire for change in the Officio's structure, as well as a slight inferiority complex toward Odette.

Character History[edit]

Pre-Prose Magica[edit]

Therese contracted approximately six years before the events of MGNQ. For much of her time as a magical girl, she has shadowed the career of Odette Brighton; she became Wing Captain of the Valkyrie Squad upon Odette's promotion to Eversor Rank Leader, later taking the position of Rank Leader when Odette became Warmaster. She held the office of Eversor Rank Leader for nearly three years before she was found to be the only suitable Warmaster candidate following Odette's deposition. Therese had been Warmaster-in-training for two months as of the first chapter of Prose Magica.

The Winter Warmaster Returns[edit]

The first arc of Prose Magica. (Incomplete)

The Coldest Night[edit]

The second arc of Prose Magica. Currently in-progress.

After Prose Magica[edit]

In thread 234, Chiaki Matsuda receives a letter apparently from Warmaster Odette Brighton. The current status of Therese as of Chiaki's ratification is unknown.


  • Therese's character is based on the Norse god Thor.
  • Therese's Warmaster cap is not the one traditionally used by the Seventeenth. The baseball cap worn by the previous two Warmasters is still in Odette's possession. It is assumed that Therese's peaked cap is a spare to be worn until her official inauguration.