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Categories are currently ordered by the date of the author's first write-up. Write-ups within categories are ordered by when they were posted in-thread. Whoever started this page wanted them to appear chronologically in-universe- I disagree with this, as it's not how they were first presented. It's also very hard to judge, as many make no mention of time. If someone wants to do this, I'd suggest tying it in with a larger day-by-day timeline project, or else just copying this page and re-ordering it under a new title.

Note that I've added a category of "One-shots" at the bottom. These stories are mostly self-contained, and have no "Part 1" numbering indicating the author plans to continue them. If you know more than I do, feel free to re-categorize them.

To Do:


Pastebin links for Night Owls, Green Green Magica, Magicae Damnatorum, Riddle of Witch Flesh, Training Montage

So I have no idea how to organize Cooldown's stuff, even after she helpfully gave me a timeline for the things. It's like a "find out who's lying" puzzle, except everybody's telling the truth and I don't know anything about history. Thus "Green" and everything after it is in the order it appears on her pastebin and not chronological order. If somebody else wants organize it, this is what I was told :

yuki-onna is just after Maximum Christmas,

walkie talkie takes place before Sayaka Quest, it covers the few months leading up to it.

stray cat taming is about halfway through the Siberia arc, stray cat taming took place about two weeks before the quest started

honest feelings is any vague period between twoyears ago or so and six months ago- it isn't time-sensitive.

Butterfly was around a year ago current MGNQ time? So April or May of the previous year.

The two 20th logs are from indeterminate times in the last month or so

Green takes place the first day of the concert, blood and cigarettes takes place the second day, church business is the day after that (the same day as the date with Midori)

raining again is the day after Midoridate

sharp blue style is a few days before Big Shell/the same day as raining again, but later

Missing Write-up.

Steph's write-up Dead Neptune isn't on the the wiki. I have only found chapter two here: Not sure where the first one is.

I think Steph took it off herself since it's discontinued. Might be wrong. - Love, archival