Suzi Berry

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"Ihihi... Hon, I'm an expert on dildos, and can assure ya that neither of us is one."

Suzi Berry
Also Known As... Spidere, Spider Cunt
First Appearance Magical Scribe Eleanor Slam versus Magical Torturer Suzi Berry
Organization Sixth Officio
Rank Eversor, Anti-Vindicare
Occupation Magical Girl, controller of the Spider Room
Ability Summoning and controlling spiders, scaling walls, laying traps
Weapon Poisoned daggers
Height 164cm
Date of Birth Unknown (currently 21)

Character Summary

Suzi Berry controls the Sixth Officio's Spider Room, which is like a Silent Room, but with spiders and used for torture and interrogation. In spite of this, she's a very cheery and friendly individual, if extremely off-putting.

Physical Description

  • Suzi's magical girl costume is relatively plain, wearing a black and brown dress that's poofy below the waist that's done up in ribbons.
  • Her blonde hair is relatively short and tied up in a bun with a ribbon.
  • Her eyes are brown and usually half-lidded, making her look sleepy/stoned.
  • Suzi is almost always smiling.
  • Her figure is modest for the most part, though there is some muscle definition beneath her costume.


  • Suzi is a hard-working, undaunted challenge seeker.
  • She is very happy, kindly, sweet, and fun-loving.
  • Suzi sincerely cares about the well-being of others.
  • However, she's very creepy and lewd.
  • And voyeuristic. And a fujoshi. And she giggles frequently, and tends to fidget by either wringing her hands, tapping her toes, swinging her legs , or even bobbing her head.
  • And she tends to avoid crowds and large social gatherings.
  • She's got somewhat of a twang to her speaking style, and isn't one to swear.

Character History (non-canon)

Suzi's been at this a long time, yo.


  • Suzi's design and powers are based on Yamame Kurodani from Touhou Project. Her name was inspired by an edit of a page of the Quick Start! manga.
  • Her free time that isn't spent training is usually either spent knitting, lurking imageboards for lewd images, and doing charity work. She's really adored by kids.
  • She has been confirmed to be constructing a throne out of the bras she's taken off of magical girls she's defeated.
  • Officially her butt has been ranked among the top five in the Sixth Officio.