Silke Schreiber

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"..." *pats*

Silke Schreiber
Also Known As...
First Appearance Trials of the Thrice-Cursed 1-2
Organization Ex-Third, independent
Rank Culexus
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Anti-magic
Height 157cm
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

  • Silke has short blue hair and green eyes.
  • She wears the trademark culexus hardsuit, but with no skull iconographies.


  • Silke is usually quiet and reserved, only taking a more assertive side when friends need scolding or when working.
  • She enjoys helping other people in as many ways she can.

Character History[edit]

Silke used to be a Culexus in the Third Officio before Ahriman's rise. She went in exile alongside Suzume and has been staying with her


  • Silke is not based on any character from an existing franchise or media.


Art by Deculture[edit]