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Questions to be shown by QuestyCaptcha. Answers are case-insensitive.

Q> Who is Murderface?

A> Chiaki, Chiaka Matsuda, Matsuda, Homura, Homura Akemi, Akemi, Best Girl

Q> What is Chiaki's favorite whiskey brand?

A> Kongs, Kong's, Kong

Q> Who is the first idol Chiaki met?

A> Iori, Iori Minase, Minase, Lori

Q> Which Officio are the main characters members of?

A> 9, Nine, Ninth, The Ninth, 9th

Q> Who is the creator and game master?

A> Deculture

Q> By what other name is Pinky known as?

A> Faust, Madoka, Madoka Kaname

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