Omake: We Promised

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"Huh... Didn't think she'd win."

"Near the end, I didn't think she would lose."

"Yeah, it was weird! I'm surprised Crunchy knew anything about... Well, anything!"

"We may have underestimated her intelligence."

"Mayyybe? She might just be some kind of idiot savant. Anyway, did you record the fight?"

"The combat data has been recorded."

"Not the data I wanted, buuuut it's not like it was hard to jury-rig a bunch of low-grade robots from pieces of the old hideout."

"It may yet prove useful."

"And more importantly, now she can't stop us from experimenting on-"

"Sister. We promised."

"I guessss. You grab her soul gem and I'll gather up all the pieces of her I can get."

"It was fortunate that she had it placed somewhere away from the fight."

"Yeah, yeah, but wouldn't it have been funny if she had actually died?"

"Not especially."

"What's lucky is that her body is mostly intact!"

"Sister? We must hurry if we are to finish before Miss Tenko returns."

"I'm comiiing!"

"...Do you have to do that?"

"Heeheehee, her butt is squishy, too~."