Omake: Distracted

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"The Seeker of Wisdom returns from her trials at last! And while you are the same person as when we last met, you are clearly so very different."


"Why have you cut down the most bountiful trees in your garden?"

"...The haircut?"

"That is what I said, yes."

"Er... That's beeeecaaaaaaausssse... I wanted to show how... Show how SERIOUS I am about... You know, shedding this... Uh, SNAKE SKIN! Yeah! The SNAKE SKIN of my past mistakes! So, ah, I MOLTED!"

"Very good, Truth-Seeker! That is exactly what I would have done, were I you and you me."

"Y-yeah... CHANGING things. Different things... Soft, gentle things..."

"And yet your emotions are stormy and turbulent. Did I not tell you to calm your mind?"

"I... I got distracted."


"VERY distracted."

"I see that. I see it as clear as I see why insects like sugar water."

"Yes, for VERY distracting things happened. They were exCITING distractions at first, but then just... They led to things that I can't get out of my mind."

"I see. How terribly disappointing, Truth-Seeker."

"Oh, I'm, uh... I, uh..."

"I am disappointed in myself. After all, it is not the fault of the rain that the lake is dry if the storm itself is weak."

"Right. The rain's not my fault. Or the storm. I knew that."

"We shall have to take a different approach tomorrow, o Seeker of Enlightenment. For me, this day shall be marked as a failure."

"That's... Ah... That's too bad?"

"Quite. For now you may spread your wings and fly back to the nest, baby bird. You may have a new coat of feathers to keep you warm, but you still haven't learned to hunt."

"...Warm, huh?"

"That means return to your cave and await the embrace of your mother bear, cub."

"Sure, embracing..."

"I said make like a tree and leave, Seeker of Truth!"

"Leave? Oh. Oh! OH! Right! Leave! I'll... Do that! Yes! See you next time, then! I won't let you go- I MEAN DOWN! I WON'T LET YOU DOWN!"