Mordred Pendragon

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Mordred Pendragon
Also Known As... Princess
First Appearance Thread 203
Organization Second Officio, Black Templars
Occupation Magical Girl
Date of Birth

Character Summary

Mordred is the youngest of the Pendragon sisters, the current generation of a noble line of magical girls. Her sisters are Arthuria and Nero.

Physical Description


  • Mordred is arrogant and impatient.
  • Despite her abilities, she is nervous in actual combat, which limits her skill in the field.

Character History

In the combined effort of several Officio's to counter the threat of Walpurgisnacht, the Black Templars cooperate with the Ninth.

After the transport from the Ninth's teleportation facility, the Black Templars and Culexus group are scattered throughout the hellish battlefield they arrive in. During the two hour long fight Mordred loses her nerve. Eventually Yuma contacts Alondight, who leads the remaining forces to her position and explains her plan to turn the tide.

They will exploit Kharn's desire for battle by distracting her with a frontal assault while another Templar, Mordred Pendragon, will sneak up behind her under the cover of Culexus magic and launch her powerful Sword of Promised Victory to defeat the witch.

Mordred blames Yuma for their situation and tries to attack her, but Cavefish lifts her up and gives the rude Templar a thorough spanking, which the other Templars agree to as a discipline measure they should have thought of themselves.

As one of Kharn's daemons attacks, the Templars begin their fight and Yuma, Cavefish and Mordred head towards their designated position. On the way, Mordred explains that her sisters only spoke of glory and heroics, never of seeing their friends die like she did this day. Yuma explains that a small group sacrificing themselves for the survival of billions is rather heroic.

Mordred explains how her ability works and that she needs five minutes to charge it up in her current state, but will certainly kill anything she hits. Once at their destination, the group waits for Alondight's signal. Cavefish talks about how she knows they will not survive, but for once it is Yuma who cheers her up.

Soon, the Black Templars begin their assault and Mordred starts charging her attack and the Culexus pair release their limiters. They witness Kharn's witch easily hold her ground against the Templars and eventually turning around to face them instead. Yuma and Cavefish put up a shield to repel the attack and give Mordred the time she needs.

After the second attack, Cavefish falls and Mordred staggers back in fear, turns around and runs away, screaming for her family. Despite her cowardly betrayal, Kharn is defeated and the remaining Templars send out search parties to bring Mordred in.


  • Mordred is based on the Saber Servant from Fate/Apocrypha, who is based on the son of King Arthur from the Arthur myth.