Kyosuke Kamijou

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"Orders received and understood, Miss Matsuda. I'll have my squad spread out and prepare for a quick takedown response. This is our specialty, at least."

Kyosuke Kamijou
Also Known As... Prettyboy
First Appearance Thread 109
Occupation Security
Date of Birth

Character Summary

Physical Description

  • Kyosuke is a muscular young man.
  • He wears a black leather glove on his right hand while the left is bare.


  • Kyosuke is honest and working hard on being professional.
  • He is nervous in the presence of magical girls.
  • Near his colleagues, Kyosuke speaks in a rough manner. Away from them, he is more polite and refined.

Character History

Kyosuke is a childhood friend of Kyoko Sakura, who used to tease him about being small and weak. When he complained about how his violin practice was boring, she suggested he tries something different. He went abroad with his family soon after. Kyosuke picked up metal at some point, taking on the identity of Johannes Krauser II before eventually retiring and becoming a professional security guard.


Kyosuke leads a group of security guards hired for Ruri Kirishima's safety. While they work well against mundane threats, they are not well suited to counter magical girls and thus fail to stop a group of Yakuza backed by the Tenth from entering the hotel their client resides in. Chiaki, who leads the magical girls hired for additional security, takes command of his group when she learns about the incident.

The next day, while preparations for Ruri's concert are made in Mitakihara stadium, Kyosuke has a nervous conversation with Chiaki where she inquires about his career choice and relationship with Sayaka.

Shortly after, he tries to ambush the magical girl to steal a part from her costume for the so called Sparkles Award, a tradition when mundane security works with magical girls to try and boost morale. Chiaki inquires about the last person who pulled it off and promises to give him a different opportunity to win this award at a later time.

When Kyoko visits the site to deliver some items, she has a short conversation with Kyosuke and punches him. He uses this opportunity to secretly snatch a piece of her clothes, according to Chiaki's idea.

At night another squad of magical girls arrive at the hotel to increase security due to the Tenth's involvement during the day. The next morning, Chiaki calls for a final security meeting before the concert where she arranges for emergency extraction plans and warns everyone about possible magical, golden weapons.


On the way to the stadium, a corpse appears in front of the group's convoy. Enishi convinces Chiaki to delegate investigations, and a few of Kyosuke's men secure the area while the rest moves on. At the concert, Kyosuke informs Chiaki that the Yakuza from the day before are in the stadium and sends his best man to spy on them at the magical girl's request.

In the opening number of the concert, Kyosuke in the costume of Johannes Krauser II and the S-idol Mappi perform a death metal song where he is lit on fire. After the performance, he returns to guard duty.

When a group of hostile magical girls appear and demand a duel with Chiaki, Kyosuke and his men work with Chiaki's squad to apprehend any potential suicide bombers while the Warmaster takes care of the leader.

After the concert, and in the following morning, Kyosuke and his men continue guarding Ruri's hotel and the airport until the idol leaves the country without further incident.


  • Kyosuke is a character from the original Madoka Magica setting.

NECO Profile

NAME: Kamijou Kyousuke
        “You’re gathering information on security companies now…?”
NICK: Kyoujou*
STUDIO: 2020 Productions (temporarily)
RANK: Sparkle Award-Winning Security Mook
TYPE: Cool
BIO:  An ex-virtuoso that cracked under pressure and took his life in a different direction. Since he miraculously recovered from a career-ending injury when he was younger, one could probably argue that this is a waste of a miracle. Maybe he can shoot with pistols akimbo? That warrants some investigation. He has a quiet, gentle personality befitting an artist.
        BODY TYPE               Swole
        PERSONALITY             Dork
        CHARM                   Professional
        VOCALS                  Not Half-Bad
        DANCE                   Would Pay To See
        VISUAL                  Manly
-Kamijou used to be kind of a huge weenie, but now he’s just a -huge- weenie. He got pretty big, but we at Magical Girls Are Real hold the official stance that smaller, leaner guys are cuter.
-Reliable sources say the miracle that healed his hand is directly tied to the Ninth Officio, but prying a magical girl’s wish out of her is never easy. It may be a mystery forever.**
-Since his company does a lot of work for 2020, he and the idols there are fairly familiar with one another. In particular, he and Mappi-chan seem to have a bromance.
-As of yesterday, he joined the hallowed ranks of the Sparkle Award-winners. Of course, the intrepid NECO-chama was collecting magical girl scraps as trophies before he was even wearing big boy pants.
*we just made this up, but if everyone starts using it, it’ll stick, right?
**you were expecting a hot scoop, weren’t you? Well, it was probably just Sayaka-chan.