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Furthermore, nothing about the Twelfth Officio is canon so far, at all.

"Next! Next!"

Jarmila Warmaster shitscan.jpeg
Also Known As... The Star of Prague, that damn jock
First Appearance Riddle of Witch Flesh, part 2
Organization Twelfth Officio
Rank Eversor, Warmaster, Ex-Rank Leader
Occupation Magical Girl, Witch hunter
Ability Sacred flame
Weapon flail, mundane swords
Height 189cm
Date of Birth 24. October 20XX, contracted at 15, currently 21 years old.

Character Summary

Jarmila is the Twelfth Warmaster, generally regarded as a student of Kamile Ignalina. She is a dedicated Witch Hunter, and nothing has changed about this since her promotion. Tracking down the prognosticated Witches takes up most of her time, so she is rarely seen outside of the city, or, indeed, within the Officio spaces either.

Physical Description

  • Jarmila is a very large ginger. She leaves a distinctly different impression in and out of costume.
  • When civil, she seems melancholic and gloomy, crouching a bit as not to stand out so much. She still comes off as a giant, weighing easily 120kg. Her hair is messy and tied back. Prefernce for black clothes makes her seem a bit like a goth, her constant tired expression does not help this.
  • Her costume is one of a medieval traveling warrior, with a notable chalice sign on her chest, reminiscent of the Hussite one. When transformed, she appears much more spirited and confident. Her hair curls.
  • It seems that the Warmaster's Vest, which is customarily worn in the Twelfth as a sign of Office, had somehow incorporated itself into her costume for the time being, covering the chalice.

Skills and Abilities

  • Jarmila uses the sacred flame, fire magic especially hurtful to Witches. Her use of it has been described as rough and brutish by the Twelfth's magicians, though what she lacks in skill, she makes up for with power. She would formerly only ever create a veil of the flames around her person, but her Warmaster training allowed her to control it enough to at least ulitize it as a proper ranged weapon.
  • Jarmila can also perform Kamile's signature technique, favored by some of the 12th's Eversors, the Mach Lunge. The technique mostly consists of using the Eversor trance to fully spend and destroy a limb in a swing, bringing the blade to supersonic speed in a very risky, but powerful, attack. There is a specific stance and set of movements for it, though, and it has several variants. For example, Jarmila herself can also use it to create a vacuum wave for her fire to follow.
  • Following a certain personal philosophy, she uses her magical flail against Witches, and a plain sword against other Magical Girls. While she was originally trained in technical fencing before her contract, she found that her enemies wouldn't flinch, and heavier, solid blades work better against other Eversors.


  • Jarmila is very driven, but very insecure. She made her wish to make a path of her own, because she felt useless as a second child. She tries to avoid morally reprehensible actions whenever she can, but on a less conscious level, she would seek greatness and fulfillment if she had to go to the depths of hell for it. Or, indeed, make a deal with the devil.
  • She is somewhat strict towards herself, relative to others. Because she cares for other people to a degree and doesn't like to bother them, it took a long time for even her friends to pick up on her true motivations and true flaws.
  • The Twelfth's customs eventually shaped her into certain thoughtfulness and urge to examine her actions and reflect on them, making her into a much more balanced individual than she would otherwise be. Formerly, people were afraid she would become the Ahab to the white whale Witch.
  • As of her promotion, it seems she became more teacher-like even outside of combat, and something of a mentor figure herself.
  • Jarmila enjoys greatness, but not fame. She hates pulling rank, and if she comes across someone new, or a foreigner outside of official bussiness, she will usually try to avoid revealing it. Despite her having a lot of genuine fans among the older staff, some recruits thus go weeks before realizing exactly who the ginger who gave them advice is, and are purposefully kept in the dark or further confused, as a running joke by their companions.

Character History


Jarmila had gotten into trouble at the very start of her career, involving a firestarting Witch. During this incident, she happened to gain Kamile's favour, and had been sent on an apprenticeship to the Second.

She had developed a passion for grander causes in there, though she never felt quite at home in the Second. She felt too guilty, because of her involvement the Twelfth's practices.

Some time later, the Twelfth was nearly destroyed in the Big Fish event, and Jarmila was called back to rebuild. Due to her talent as well as lack of other skilled Eversors to fill the spot, she claimed the office of a Rank Leader in her second year of service.

Riddle of Witch Flesh

- in progress


Jarmila would finish her Warmaster training a few months later, being the proper Warmaster at the time of the quest. Her training had focused on improving her skill with magic.


  • Jarmila is a mesh of several fictional characters, most prominent being Juri Arisugawa, Solaire of Astora, and Siegfried of Denesle.
  • She is a beer connoiseur.
  • She collects mugs. She doesn't travel often, but when she does, she likes to bring many souveniers and receive many gifts.