Gavrill Madaraki

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Gavrill Madaraki
Gavrill microphone.png
Also Known As... The Wolf
First Appearance Kingdom of Flies - Into the Wolf's Den
Organization Maerorus Sisterhood, the Wolf Pack, formerly Thirteenth Officio
Rank Maerorus
Occupation Leader of the Wolf Pack
Ability Bodily transformation, nigh-invulnerability to conventional weapons
Weapon Pair of machetes
Height 226cm
Date of Birth Unknown (Approx. 23 years old during Varrigan City Massacre)

Character Summary[edit]

Known for her violent and volatile personality, Gavrill Madaraki was the second to be recruited into the Sisterhood by Eliza Thorne. Gavrill leads a band of cut-throats and criminals known as the Wolf Pack and currently presides over the Blood God's Arena.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Gavrill stands over 7 feet tall, towering over most other magical girls.
  • Her hair is an iridescent colour that shifts between red and violet.
  • Like her sisters, Gavrill sports lines of stitches across her face and throat.
  • Gavrill almost always wears a leather jacket and pants, along with brace-like devices on her arms and legs.
  • The Butcher's Nails in her head are covered by a device resembling "the bastard child of a pair of headphones and an eggtimer."
  • When angered, Gavrill often has difficulty speaking clearly. Her words become broken up by pained grunts from the effects of the Butcher's Nails.


  • Gavrill has a harsh, animalistic personality
  • She tends to be overbearing and never hesitates to flaunt her superiority, showing little regard for the personal space of those she deems weaker than herself.
  • Gavrill is one of very, very few magical girls that can claim to be more brutal and ferocious than Kharn in combat.
  • Gavrill has a penchant for cannibalism.
  • Despite her usual demeanour, Gavrill is deceptively intelligent. Being a Madaraki, her skill at science and medicine could very well match that of her sister, Fran.
  • She seems to bear a heavy grudge against her sisters for unknown reasons.

Character History[edit]

The Thirteenth Officio[edit]

Gavrill was originally an Eversor of the Thirteenth Officio. The details of this period are unknown.


At some point in the past, Gavrill was given over to Doctor Strauss and became one of her many Maerorus test subjects. It is unknown whether or not this was a consensual decision. Gavrill was the first test subject to be implanted with the Butcher's Nails, a neuro-implant designed to promote aggression and rage.

After her use ran out, Gavrill was locked away for an unknown period of time, only being allowed out for occasional gladiator fights in the Blood God's Arena. Her most recent opponent was Kharn Valnikov, the only other known surviving victim of the Butcher's Nails. During this fight, Kharn received her new name after a grunt she made while attempting to stab Gavrill with her arm. After brutally maiming her opponent and winning the fight, Gavrill was locked away once more.

During the Varrigan City Massacre, Gavrill was one of hundreds of Doctor Strauss' experiments to be released into the city. At some point within the first month of her release, she amassed a following of the city's innumerable criminals and took up residence in an abandoned ballroom venue in Casino Land.

Kingdom of Flies[edit]

Approximately one month after her release, Gavrill was approached by Eliza Thorne to work together for survival, along with Typhus. In order to win her over, Thorne agrees to two conditions: First, Gavrill takes ownership of the Blood God's Arena. For the second condition, Gavrill made Thorne promise that she - and the rest of their allies in Varrigan - would someday help kill Fran Madaraki.

Gavrill's current status as of MGNQ is unknown, however it is strongly hinted that she trained Fennel Vance, formerly of the Seventeenth Officio, two years prior to the events of the quest.


  • Gavrill is based on the character of the same name from the manga Franken Fran.
  • The Butcher's Nails and Gavrill's verbal tick are both references to the primarch Angron from Warhammer 40k. This is also a nod to her relation to Kharn Valnikov, who is in turn based on Angron's prime champion.
  • Gavrill's machetes are based on those used by the character Sundowner in the game Metal Gear Rising. Their names, Slaughter and Carnage, are based on the pair of axes used by Skarbrand, a Greater Daemon of Khorne from Warhammer 40k.


Art by Deculture[edit]