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"Und how does zis make you feel?"

Doctor Emma Strauss
Also Known As... The Doctor
First Appearance Prose Magica: A Spoonful of Sugar 1
Organization None, formerly Thirteenth Officio
Rank Venenum, Ex-Warmaster
Occupation Magical Girl
Weapon Syringe Gauntlet
Height 172cm (full height)
Date of Birth March 16 (currently old)

Character Summary

Doctor Emma Strauss, M.G. was the first magical girl of the Venenum rank to hold the position of Warmaster. She also holds the dubious honour of being the first Warmaster to be relieved of the position.

Physical Description

  • Emma Strauss bears a significant hunch causing her to walk with a cane. It is unknown whether this was present before contracting.
  • Her hair is short, messy and a nearly gray shade of brown.
  • Her magical girl costume and usual attire is inspired by a Victorian era doctor, including her iconic top hat and round glasses.
  • She was born with unusually sharp teeth.
  • Strauss speaks with a distinct German accent.


  • Strauss is openly sadistic and enjoys watching the effects of her drugs take hold of her test subjects.
  • She will gladly work for anyone willing to fund her and allow her the freedom to experiment as she pleases.
  • Strauss is shown to have some notion of how terrible her deeds are, however, she simply does not care.
  • When dealing with a test subject, she frequently takes on the mannerisms of a doctor treating a child, praising them and offering encouragement.

Character History

The Thirteenth Officio

Much of Strauss' history with the Thirteenth is shrouded in mystery. All that is known for sure is that she was their first Warmaster and that she was demoted due to unethical experimentation. Therefore, it is clear that she was contracted prior to the Officio system coming into being, making her one of the oldest known magical girls.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Some time prior to Magical Girl Noir Quest, Strauss is seen living in a small one-story home in an undisclosed location. There she has taken to continuing her experiments on a stray magical girl by the name of Milica Djalic, namely the Mark V combat stimulant. She is known to still be peddling her wares to both the Tenth and Twentieth Officios.

Strauss is shown selling highly addictive combat stimulants to a one Ofelia Navidson. Navidson attempts to goad Strauss into joining the Church of the Blessed Lady, which Strauss staunchly refuses. The chapter ends with Strauss burning the brochure while musing about what sort of god would love someone like her.

In the second chapter of A Spoonful of Sugar, Strauss is shown testing a far more refined iteration of the Mark V on Milica, who then utterly annihilates a hapless squad of bounty hunters. It is learned that the Thirteenth has issued a one hundred thousand dollar reward for each magical girl responsible for killing Strauss, along with enough grief seeds to sustain a magical girl indefinitely.

NECO Profile

NAME: Doctor Emma Strauss
	“Vhile you are here, you vouldn't mind tryink somesink for me, vould you? It is entirely harmless, I assure you.”
OFFICIO: Thirteenth, on the Love Boat™ 
RANK: Venenum, Warmaster
BIO: Emma Strauss has been around for as long as anyone can remember. She began her career formulating combat stimulants and other utility drugs more potent than ever thought possible. As her fame and funding grew, so too did her ambition. Strauss' experiments became more grandiose and elaborate by the day, all in the name of creating the perfect magical girl – no matter the cost.
WEAPONRY: A syringe gauntlet, peerless intellect and morals looser than a Santa Destroy hooker.

-“Strauss” isn't her real last name. It's taken from her favourite composer, Johann Strauss II. Her true name is a mystery even to the Thirteenth himself. 

-In contrast to her apprentice, Fran Madaraki, Strauss staunchly refuses to perform any alterations to her own body, nor will she sample any of her concoctions, no matter how “harmless”.

-Contrary to popular belief, the Doctor isn't all crazy mad scientist experiments. She has written numerous papers concerning the effects of various chemicals on soul gems and magical girl physiology and single-handedly created the foundation for many modern Venenum practices.


  • Strauss takes inspiration from numerous sources including the Batman villain, Scarecrow and Doctor Strangelove.
  • The name 'Strauss' is a pseudonym taken from her favourite composer, Johann Strauss II. Her real last name is unknown.
  • Strauss owns a small Spitz named Fritz.
  • She drives a hearse modified to carry a portable laboratory in place of a casket.


Art by archivalfag