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"God Damnit Kharn" -Chiaki Matsuda

Kharn Valnikov
Kharn Siberia.png
Also Known As... The Betrayer, Katerina/Ekaterina Valnikov
First Appearance Thread 35
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Research Assistant, ex-Warmaster, Maerorus
Occupation Magical Girl
Ability Brute Force
Weapon Chainsword, Golden Chainaxes
Height 185 cm
Date of Birth August 19

Character Summary[edit]

Kharn Valnikov, also knows as the Betrayer, is the former Warmaster of the Ninth Officio Assassinorum and previous owner of the golden Chainaxes. She trained Kirika Kure and used to be Chiaki Matsudas partner for half a year, and is also the one who named her Murderface.

She is the first ever Maerorus, created by the Thirteenth Officio's former Warmaster Emma Strauss.

Physical Description[edit]

  • A russian girl with black hair down to the waist and entirely black eyes with crimson pupils behind red framed glasses.
  • Her skin is almost translucently pale.
  • She has a tall slender body.
  • Her hands are black metal, ending in long skeletal fingers with sharp tips.
  • Her legs seem to end at the knees, where edged black steel armor replaces the rest.
  • Chiaki describes her as eerily beautiful.
  • Kharns soul gem is a crimson teardrop with pure black gilding, bearing thorns instead of elegant reliefs. On it's base is a golden roman number matching her golden weapon.
  • Kharns voice is described as cold and smooth. She has a thick russian accent.


  • Kharn radiates an intense killing intent.
  • She is usually friendly, cracking jokes frequently.
  • She is also quite lewd around women but surprisingly bashful when it comes to her and Souji.
  • In combat she turns into a fearsome berserker.
  • Kharn is a humble woman who doesn't care for praise and awards as resting on accomplishments dulls the hunger to improve.
  • She makes a point of combining duty and pleasure.
  • Kharn hates filth.
  • She is secretly ashemed of her unusually long tongue, despite it's advances in some areas.

Character History[edit]

Kharn grew up in a russian gulag managed by her father who raised her as a Valnikov first before a girl. Her mother was a war criminal.

In her five years of active service Kharn spent two years as Vindicare, switched to Eversor in the third, achieved Warmaster Rank in her fourth and abdicated the position in the second half of her fifth year to work with Murderface as partners for six months before voluntarily retiring one year prior to the quest starting.

It's established that Chiaki is responsible for Kharn's retirement, the details are still unknown however. After retiring Kharn transferred to the R&D base in Siberia where she still resides.

Betrayer & Hunt[edit]

Kharn welcomes Chiaki and companions at the Siberian R&D base, already treats her as the new Warmaster and introduces Souji. She takes the group on a hunting trip but has to cancel it when they find traces of an enemy magical girl. She leaves decisions to Chiaki and follows her command to circle around the enemy to attack her from behind. While Chiaki and Midori face off against the magical girl's horde of bears, Kharn engages her and eventually takes her out, keeping the skull for her collection and the soul gem for interrogation.

Kharn Flashback[edit]

During her time as Warmaster, Kharn had to decide on Girl A's punishment for killing three squads from the Third during a joint mission. After listening to her report Kharn decides to give her a new identity and take her as a direct subordinate.

In Ahriman's office, Kharn encounters Madoka, flirts with her and gains her favor, despite not getting personal with her. She meets the Third Warmaster to discuss the steps to be taken, who demands the murderer's life and Mami Tomoe as compensation, but Kharn refuses and decides to kill everyone in the building for Ahriman's offense. She eliminates a hundred subordinates and engages Ahriman, but is hindered by her Equerry Erebus.

After killing the obstacle on a different floor, Kharn makes her way back to take on Ahriman, who gained power from sacrificing her underlings and is giving Malal and Murderface a hard time. The Warmaster severely injures Kharn with her golden weapon enhanced magic, but the russian acquires a golden weapon of her own and defeats Ahriman.


Kharn answers some more questions about Faust and what happened after defeating Ahriman, but refuses to speak of Malal. She then takes Chiaki to the communication room to let her speak to some more people before the scheduled procedure. At night Souji finds Chiaki unconscious in the elevator and decides to start the procedure ahead of time.


Kharn examines Chiaki after the procedure and learns that she has amnesia, but states that it should only be temporary. She refreshes Chiaki's memories and decides to continue the schedule and start the golden weapon training. Kharn offers a bet to make it more interesting and easily overpowers Chiaki until the smaller girl unleashes the gauntlet's power and beats her down. But instead of going for an other round, Chiaki yields.

After the training, Kharn suggests interrogating the captured magical girl. The prisoner, Mirai, quickly gives in to the disturbing atmosphere inside the machine but is taken over by her Incubator. Kharn sends Midori back up to have Souji prepare an emergency teleport in case the Incubator detonates Mirai's soul gem, but when the time comes Chiaki is held back and trapped inside the resulting witch barrier.

Midori & Miracle Midori[edit]

Kharn is devastated by leaving Chiaki, mumbling incoherent things and is sedated by Souji. While Midori infiltrates the barrier to save Chiaki, Kharn manages to escape the silent room and enters the barrier herself. She finds the Blessed Lady and starts searching for Chiaki's fragments to fight them.

Midori prevents Kharn from attacking the armored fragment by slapping her and shouting how selfish she is and that the Blessed Lady doesn't care about her, making the Betrayer retreat. Later Kharn engages the fourth fragment but is defeated. While Midori's group engages the fragment's servants, Kharn regains consciousness and fights alongside Tiny Pete.

Back in the real world Kharn is sentenced to live with her betrayal instead of getting the easy way out by means of execution. She is also ordered to marry Souji, who argues with her for a while about her behavior before embracing his partner.


In a flashback taking place on Christmas one year prior to the quest starting point, Kyoko plans a Secret Santa event and Christmas dinner, but the Officio's leading members cancel it in favor of preparing for the appearance of Walpurgisnacht one month later.

Some time after angrily taking off, Kyoko returns to the Officio and gives out presents to her friends, accompanied by Omegon. Kharn receives a skull servitor personal assistant that floats around it's master and takes notes and such. The Warmaster is overjoyed.

Return & Warmaster[edit]

Before Chiaki returns to Japan, Kharn hands her a gift left by Malal. Back in Mitakihara, Chiaki discovers the old Warmaster's very real skull throne as well as her impressive trophy collection.

Malal Flashback[edit]

While she was still a rookie, Ekaterina was kidnapped and put through torture and experiments by the Thirteenth Warmaster who wanted to create a symbiosis of magical girl and witch. Strauss succeeded and turned Ekaterina into the first known Maerorus by drafting witch flesh onto her body and soul gem, alongside a series of implants to control her.

Malal came to her rescue and Professor Madaraki from the Thirteenth removed the implants as thanks for the Culexus' assistance in removing Emma Strauss from the Officio. Unfortunately the changes made to Ekaterina's body and soul turned out to be irreversible and Malal could only piece together a new personality from the few scratches that were left after the torture.


Three days before the emergence of Walpurgisnacht, an unknown group attacks Kharn and Murderface in the middle of the night when they sneak out to get drunk. They put up a fight, but are overwhelmed in the end and Kharn is stabbed with a mysterious black dagger.

Malal finds them and takes the pair back to the Officio for treatment, but Kharn's state remains critical and her soul gem corrupts rapidly, keeping her close to witching out constantly.

Mere minutes before the predicted emergence of Walpurgisnacht, the Warmaster turns and transports herself to the egg of Walpurgisnacht. She twists the area into a hellish battlefield and relishes the battle between her daemons and the arriving Black Templars and Culexus troops.

Hours later, the Templars lead a charge against her, but fail to defeat the witch. She turns around to face a powerful foe charging up an attack behind her and is stopped by Yuma and Cavefish putting up a shield. She breaks three shields upon which Mordred escapes, but Yuma manages to shatter Kharn's giant blade in a desperate struggle.

When Yuma collapses, Malal shows up, wielding her magic bow and fires a single arrow that miraculously transforms the Warmaster back into human form. When she regains consciousness, Kharn finds her friend dead. She clings to Malal's body and begs her not to leave her alone until the body is eventually taken to the mortuary.


  • Kharn's character design is based on Black Gold Saw from Black Rock Shooter.
  • Kharn is a reference to Kharn the Betrayer, champion of the Chaos god Khorne from Warhammer 40k. She shares some character traits with him, as well as the choice of weapon.
  • The name Valnikov is likely a reference to Andrei Valnikov from Black Marble, a cop who partnered up with a no-nonsense woman plagued by nightmares, much like Chiaki.
  • She has an insatiable apetite for takoyaki and Jolly Roger candy.
  • She never managed to bed Mami and never quite got over that.
  • Her chainsword Skulltaker is two meters long, weighs ten kilograms and has two rows of teeth. It is painted black with a few golden bits, the handle wrapped with leather and tipped with a screaming demon skull. It has three settings: Kill, Maim which moves the teeth in opposing directions, and Burn which is Maim but on fire. Kharn takes loving care of her weapon.
  • The weapon's name is a reference to Skulltaker, a Bloodletter and Herald of Khorne. Much like the Kharn in Magical Girl Noir Quest, Skulltaker is known for collecting the skulls of his enemies, which are then carried in a great sack until he can present them to Khorne.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Ekaterina Valnikov
	-None on record.-
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Vindicare
BIO: A rank and file Vindicare that would ordinarily be kind of unremarkable. Apparently she grew up on a gulag in Siberia and already knew how to shoot and everything before becoming a magical girl, but…maybe this is one of those ‘the real thing is a lot different from the rifle range’ sorts of things? She’s kind of infamous, from what I’ve heard… b-but, she’s kind of cute, isn’t she?
WEAPONRY: Mostly the butt of a rifle.
	MAGIC 		 ??*
	CHARM		 D(?)
*it’s tied tight into her basic abilities, so it’s really hard to determine

-Normally I wouldn’t be worrying about rank and file like Ekaterina Vanikov, but some people are interested in her?? I heard Rank Leader Malal went through hell and high water just to save her, so she must be important.

-Apparently she’s kind of a…failure as a magical girl, a lot of the time? She’s clumsy and I heard she drops her gun about every other time she tries to reload it. Then she starts hitting people with it instead of trying to shoot them, though. Once she goes a little crazy, everything comes up golden for her. It’s a pretty weird talent.

-She sort of reminds me of a girl at my school. I don’t really know her name or anything, but she smells weird and hides under one of the stairwells at lunch.


-She was thought to be dead in Varrigan City until the rescue operation Rank Leader Malal mounted to save her. She came back, sure, but she came back…different. Hungrier. More vicious.


Art by Deculture[edit]

Art by Nicehatguy[edit]