Enishi Karasawa

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Enishi Karasawa
Also Known As...
First Appearance Thread 99
Organization Ninth Officio
Rank Callidus Rank Leader, Etiquette Officer
Occupation Magical Girl
Date of Birth

Character Summary[edit]

Enishi is one of the Karasawa clan's daughters and Callidus Rank Leader of the Ninth Officio Assassinorum. She is a woman devoted to both her family and duty.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Enishi has very long black hair, bangs cut sharply just above her eyes.
  • She usually wears a fancy kimono. She does not wear anything underneath it.
  • In her younger days Enishi had weight problems but managed to overcome them. She is now “healthy”.


  • Enishi speaks in a polite, reserved manner. Her choice of words is Usually very flowery and descriptive.
  • She can be smug, cold and cruel to those of lesser standing.
  • While putting up a refined front, she is rather lewd.
  • Enishi cares deeply for her sisters, despite not letting all of them know about it.
  • She is a firm believer in the blessed Lady.

Character History[edit]


The new Warmaster calls the Rank Leaders into her office. After introductions, she informs her subordinates about a death threat to Mami Tomoe, instructs them to search for potential suspects for being “The Prophet” and to watch out for the dangerous Golden Weapons.


Enishi is chosen as anti Callidus support for the protection of the super idol Ruri Kirishima. She also coordinates the Vindicare squad Hiryu for overwatch and patrol duty. She treats her sister Noriko, who currently works for Ruri, in a cold manner.

The team discovers a security leak in form of the novice reporter NECO who already fled the scene. She published intel on her chirpee account, as well as a handful of rude profiles, including that of Enishi. The Callidus is angry, but professionally remains in control. She has a conversation about their image with the Warmaster, then returns to patrolling duty. She either shadows invisibly tails Chiaki or Ruri, or scouts the area at all times.

In the final security meeting before Ruri's concert, Enishi advises Chiaki on Callidus abilities and their use for this kind of mission.


On the way to the concert hall, the group discovers a corpse made to look like Mami. Chiaki wants to investigate herself, but Enishi and Sayaka convince her to stay away from an obvious trap and delegate the investigation to others instead. Enishi also informs Mami about this incident and arranges her protection.

At the concert hall, Chiaki requests Enishi to scan the area for magic similar to her own. The Callidus checks Chiaki's soul gem, notices a strong similarity to Grief Seeds and explains that she will only find these when scanning the area.

When Lucius starts her attack, Enishi is put in charge of coordinating the security forces to disable potential suicide bombers while Chiaki engages the hostile magical girls leader. On the day after the concert, Ruri leaves the country. At the airport Enishi hands the idol a present from her sister Vintage.


  • Enishi's appearance resembles Kaguya Houraisan from Touhou.

NECO Profile[edit]

NAME: Karasawa Enishi
	"I am NOT going to be a Christmas Cake! I will get married!" -- While eating a tub of chocolate Haagen-Dazs
OFFICIO: Ninth, in Mitakihara City
RANK: Callidus Rank Leader
BIO: The second of the five Karasawa siblings and long-time magical girl, Karasawa Enishi’s been smug and huffy for nearly her entire life. She has a reputation for sucking up and a penchant for intrigue, both valuable assets in a Callidus but, unfortunately, kind of lousy qualities in a regular person. Someone who could probably only survive as a magical girl, or a miserable faux-yamato nadeshiko trophy wife in a loveless marriage. [assistant note: will never get married ever] 
ABILITY: Callidus fare, ancient(?) Karasawa techniques of voyeurism and concealment. She can also eat an entire tub of ice cream before it melts.
WEAPONRY: Femme Fatale-ish charm and an absolutely toxic attitude.

	CHARM		 S [should be f for fat]


-Karasawa Enishi is a *virgin*. She claims it’s because she’ll only accept a lover who can do the impossible for her, but it’s actually because she was really overweight up through most of high school.

-She views herself as the perfect housewife candidate, but she’s horrible at dating. Her tea is really good, though, and she pulls off the kimono look well.

-While she’s the current Grandmaster of the Karasawa Techniques of Voyeurism and Self-Concealment, that and her slimy charm are all she has – she cannot be relied on to push a car, even when it’s really important.